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Solving Your People Problems

Michelle is an energetic, fun, and engaging speaker! Approachable and easy to understand, she takes complex concepts and makes them simple and accessible to all audiences.

Live Remote Programming

Michelle has been delivering virtual training  and live stream keynotes for over 10 years. She even taught the top business schools across the US how to create engaging and interactive online programs. Listen to how she does it.

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Keep Connected in a VIRTUAL World

We live in a network economy – – it’s all about who you know, who knows you, and what they know about you. But in this remote working, socially distant period in time, connecting has taken on new challenges.

In this interactive presentation, author Michelle Tillis Lederman will inspire you to leverage the benefits of a virtual environment to create personal connection and a thriving network. More now than ever it is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.

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Creating Results From Authentic Connections

It is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.

Have you seen a decrease in productivity due to employee disengagement? Are you challenged with retaining your best employees? Do you want to build more cohesive teams? All of this can be accomplished by building stronger relationships and communicating to connect! Get the tools you and your team need to foster strong person to person connections from Executive Coach and Networking Expert, Michelle Tillis Lederman.

When people leave Michelle’s presentations they are inspired to take action. She takes it to a tangible place; from “that was cool to listen to,” to “I’m going to do something with that information tomorrow!” She will have you thinking “I’m going to change the way in which I lead, I’m going to change the way in which I manage, I’m going to change the way in which I communicate with my team.”

Michelle’s live and virtual presentations are highly interactive and leave audiences empowered to implement new skills back on the job. Whether a keynote or breakout, Michelle can customize sessions to fit any audience.

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