Think positive

Are you nice to yourself?

I believe in continuous learning. That is the best way for me to continue to grow and to serve my clients. So, it should be no surprise that I jumped at

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Business Woman

What to do when you are called out publicly

Last week I told you about the amazing time I had with the women’s network at Procter and Gamble. It was a long-awaited event since I started talking with them

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Igniting passion and purpose in our work

Happy Independence Day! That is what July 4th represents, independence, and establishing a way of living that matched the values of the people.   When your values are in alignment, people are

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Do you know what Relational Equity is?

Probably not because I think I made up the term when I was delivering my talk, Intentional Connection in a Hybrid World, to the women of Proctor and Gamble earlier this

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Good habits

Can we manipulate ourselves in a good way?

I hope you all enjoyed the Father’s Day weekend. The dad’s in my life had to share the spotlight with my son who celebrated his 16th birthday this weekend.  

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How to create a new habit

It is spring and soon to be officially summer! I am very excited to be taking my walks back outside. Instead of my 10,000 steps on the Peloton and watching My

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ChatGPT knows who I am and I am not sure how I feel about it!

When did you first hear the words, “ChatGPT”? I actually looked it up since I remembered who told me and sent me instructions on how to craft a good prompt.

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Do you give AND take

You guys came through again!  I love it when you send me quotes that make me think. This one comes from Richard Dictor and the quote he gave me was,

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To trust or not to trust?

The concept of trust has been on my mind a lot lately. My 86-year-old father has been dealing with dementia, although he doesn’t acknowledge that fact. Instead, there’s a paranoia

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