What’s Your Legacy?

The entirety of the Marshall Goldsmith MG 100s was truly that legacy. He said, “My heroes are the people who are generous and help others.” One of the members, Ayse

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What does intimacy mean to you?

People inspire me. Really listen to the things that come out of the mouths of the people you are talking to. If you really think about them and what they

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Old Habits New Habits

How to handle the backslide

Agrhhh! I messed it all up. It was September 21st, and I went to sleep without checking to make sure I hit my 10,000 steps.  When I looked at my watch at

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How to pick a coach

How to Pick a Coach

I recently invited my friends, Jacquelyn and Michael, who just moved from Texas to New York over for my version of a home cooked meal which is my husband grilling

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How do you embrace courage?

Sending last week’s newsletter was scary. I wrote and rewrote it half a dozen times. I showed it to a few people to get their feedback. One wanted me to speak more

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Silence is not an option

I normally shy away from controversial topics. I believe having different views around economic or social issues does not prevent connection. In fact, I would say surrounding yourself with different

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Creating Connection – at (and to) work

Marshall Goldsmith and Alan Mulally at the MG100 gathering.   I think my last two posts about social isolation, mental health and the new Corporate Connect concept have received the

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Work relationships

Build Better Work Relationships

I am still thinking about improving mental health at work by getting more connected to those we work with. The train of thought was all inspired by a few of

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Mental Health

Mental Health at Work

One of the things that has been loud and clear over the last few years is that we have a mental health crisis in this country. During the MG100 weekend we

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