Which is more important: the journey or the fruit?

Though I am not at all a gardener, this analogy really spoke to me… Gardening takes a lot of work and time, planting, watering, cultivating the land. And you won’t

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My Ah-HA Moment

I love it when someone gets me to say, think, or realize something that is actually an Ah-Ha moment for myself. That happened recently when I was a guest on

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Being grateful

Looking back: The difference between bragging and gratitude

The past few weeks I have spent helping my 84-year-old father clean out the house he has lived in for 35 years. I found some things that brought me back

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Sharing My Seeds of Knowledge

If you know anything about gardening you know that for many (literal) garden variety plants, NOW is the time to plant them. If you are into that, you’ve probably already gotten your

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How to ask for a raise

I will never forget how I felt when I found out I was making significantly less than my male counterpart. I had been in the role longer and my performance

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I can’t fake it but I can frame it

It was a really tough last year – for everyone. I know I am not the only one dealing with more than the pandemic and the impact of the last

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The greatest gift

The greatest gift to give and receive

In last week’s newsletter, I talked about why I share. As you all know by now, my family and I have been going through a rough time. Without the help

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the best words

The Best Words You Can Say

In doing the looking back series, I got to relive many of the events that inspired the posts. I’ve learned a lot over the years and today I want to

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Time - you're not doing it right

Time – you’re not doing it right

To fill out the rest of the story we have to make sure the tasks we’re doing are getting us to the goals we’ve set. What if something you think

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