Being an ally

How to even the playing field and be an ally

What does it mean to you to be an ally?   To me, being an ally means supporting and advocating for individuals or groups who are not as well represented

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One surefire way to learn what you need to work on

My kids have told me I talk to them like they are my clients. In the moment, I didn’t know how to take the comment. We all laughed, and I

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Here’s how to be happier every day

Right now, I’m taking a course from Dr Srikumar Rao called Creative and Personal Mastery. It is an acclaimed course taught at top business schools all over the world. Dr. Rao is

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When Intentions Miss the Mark

Remember my post about trying too hard, and if not, here is the link to remind you. I received a lot of responses to that post. Many said it was

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In a disagreement? Try these 4 steps

My clients inspire me. They also laugh at me because I get excited when I come up with something that will not only help them but is a great model

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Being clear is being kind

I love it when you actually respond to my questions that I pose to you. As you know, I find inspiration in sayings and quotes. And you guys came through!

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How To Offer Unsolicited Feedback

There have been many times people have come up to me after a talk to tell me what they got out of it, how much the content resonated and every

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Reconnecting when its been too long

“Timing is everything” is a quote for a reason. And at the same time, I have been quoted saying, “give it time, things happen.”   Some of the most frequent

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How Would You Respond?

I did my Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead talk for a local SHRM chapter last month. We talked about the relationships that you want and need in your life. To some people’s surprise, I

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