Personal Brand

Navigating Politics In The Job Search

Have you ever listened to The Jordan Harbinger Show? It is an amazingly popular podcast by my friend Jordan. After being a guest on his previous podcast and this one we,

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Guess what I am doing now!

“Networking is about knowing more people. Connecting is about knowing people more.”    I love the nuance of that difference. And that difference is what drives results. I can share

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It’s Never Too Late

Yom Kippur starts tonight at sundown; it is the holiest day of the Jewish year – the day of forgiveness. Though I used to dread the fasting, I have come

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Do You Need an Upgrade?

When I was young, I dated the same person from the age of 17–25. Eight years. One-third of my life up to that point! We did not end up together,

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This Little Girl Is Me

This little girl is me. She grew up in a single-parent home with her resourceful mother and an older sister she idolized. The child of divorce, a really bad one.

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How Would You Answer This Question?

I can’t believe the new school year is just starting. I have two kids in high school, a sophomore and a junior. This is probably my older one’s most stressful year of

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A simple habit that has a huge impact

A Simple Habit That Has A Huge Impact

Do you always say what you’re thinking? I used to teach, “If you think it, say it.” But, when I received some funny looks, it made me realize that, perhaps,

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Turning a problem into an opportunity

Turning A Problem Into An Opportunity

When we were on vacation recently in Antigua, we met a couple while lying on the beach who told us about an excursion called Pigs in Paradise where you could

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All Healing Involves A Change of Meaning

When I listen to podcasts, read an article, or just go about my day, sometimes I hear things that just stick. They just kind of stay in the back of

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