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feel useful

Want to Feel Useful? Here’s How

I don’t have any masks in my house. I am not a healthcare professional. My job is not as an essential worker. In these times of crisis, it can feel

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An Attempt at Normalcy

I’m sure your idea of “normal” has been shifting over the past few weeks. Mine sure has. I’m finding a new routine working at home with my kids, husband and

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How to Think About Risk

It’s scary out there right now! I have been having dreams about counting toilet paper rolls. That is, when I’m able to actually sleep. This pandemic is unlike anything I’ve

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What would you have done? Strike up a conversation

What Would You Have Done?

As someone who travels a lot, I finally decided to get one of those travel credit cards that gives you a membership to the airport lounge, a luxury I never afforded

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two things you must always do

Two Things You Must Always Do

This is it. Right about now… mid February. This is when most people’s New Year’s resolutions lose steam. Suddenly, gyms are less crowded again. I wrote a blog post just

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this can kill you literally

THIS Can Kill You, Literally!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some of you are excited by that statement. Others, not so much. Valentine’s Day is one of those “Holidays” that people have pretty

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My Lederman Top 10 Connecting is Critical

My “Lederman” Top 10 list… Why Connecting is Critical

Do you get the title or am I dating myself? If you are not familiar with the fun and wacky David Letterman, check him out on YouTube. I used to love

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a new year 2020

My 2020 Magic Word

A New Year and a new decade – 2020 here we go! First, the not so magical word…Every year you hear this word when the calendar strikes January. Same word,

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Shining the light on someone else

Shining the Light on Someone Else

Shine the light on others and bask in the light that reflects back. Over the year, so many of my fabulous Connections helped me promote my book, The Connector’s Advantage.

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