Vulnerability makes me want to puke but….

I have rallied my tribe to help me with my weight loss goal. But my tribe can’t always walk with me. Instead of being demotivated I bring a virtual friend,

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personal and professional relationships

Do people need be solely personal or professional connections?

Years ago I was connected with Jordan Harbinger, host of the The Jordan Harbinger Show, which led to me being a guest on his podcast. During the interview, I remember

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got a goal

Got a goal, then you need THIS

Tell me if this sounds familiar…I gained over ten pounds during Covid. I know, you may be thinking, “only 10!” But remember, I am only 4’10” and 10 pounds is

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You can help – will you?

Last week was tough! We found out that my mother’s cancer has gone from being in remission in April to “blossoming throughout her entire body” as the doctor’s put it.

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Do You Have These Connector Qualities?

I actually had to ask someone what year it was yesterday. I can’t keep track of the day, month or year since this all started. But I can keep track

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How to spell “yes” with N-O

I was recently a guest on the Sales for Nerds podcast with Reuben Swartz. We were discussing how to form more genuine connections. “No” and “yes” should never be one word

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How to stop COVID from reversing gender equality

Social inequality is at the forefront of the conversation. There are many ways that inequality has existed in the past and continues to exist today. So many groups seek fairness

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flower in hands

Are You a Genuine Person?

Look what I found! I’m so excited to be recognized in this article titled, 16 Signs You Are A Genuine Person With High Moral Values.  They used a quote from my 11 Laws

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How to find something to CELEBRATE!

In my first book, The 11 Laws of Likability , I wrote a section called “Celebrate the Small Stuff”. (And no, that was not a play on my lack of

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