Celebrate the Small Stuff

Hi Everyone!
The Holidays are a time of spending moments with family, gift-giving and receiving, of reflecting on the year that has passed, and… the time of year I was born. Today is my birthday! And yes, this is a picture of me.

I was probably 2 or 3 years old — and Raggedy Ann was my favorite!

Although it is already a time of year where many are in the celebratory mood, it is also a time of year that can be emotional and difficult for many. Perhaps the year didn’t go as planned or things are not as you had hoped. Maybe you are not as far along in your goals as you wished.

It happens! You are not alone. I remember when I wanted to write a book. I talked about it. I thought about it. I wrote ideas for 10 different books. I talked about it some more. And 10 years (yes, 10 years!) after the idea sparked — I had a book! 🙂

How did I persevere? I celebrated the small stuff. If I focused on what I didn’t accomplish, maybe I never would have completed it. Instead of looking at the finish line, I looked at the progress. I came up with a title, I ordered the ideas, I wrote the table of contents. Not only did I acknowledge the progress, I rewarded myself in small ways.

Perhaps you have a dream that you have set out for yourself – and maybe you even hoped to conquer it this year. If you did – congratulations! And if you’re still working on it? Keep it up! Take some time to look back and remember the small accomplishments you have made towards your goal. Appreciate them – revel in the success and relief that they brought to you.

Just because a completed step is not a monumental one, doesn’t mean it deserves any less celebration. (Click HERE to Tweet this!)

So, I want everyone to get in the celebratory spirit. You deserve a pat on the back — so give yourself one! This concept of celebrating the small stuff can help our energy levels, our self-image and even how others perceive us. Go grab a copy of The 11 Laws of Likability to learn more about the Law of Self-Image and celebrating the small stuff.

What are YOU celebrating this year? Reply to this email to tell me about the steps you have taken or are taking toward your goals! I would love to hear from you.

I hope you smile today.


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