As you climb the ladder and get more responsibility, there are areas that hold you back. To break through to the top levels of leadership you need to shift the perceptions of those around you, build champions in and outside the organization, develop your executive presence, and learn how to build a productive, loyal and engaged team of followers. Coaching can help with all of that through customized, individualized program design.

Coaching can be live or virtual, or typically a combination of both. It includes assessments, 360 feedback, observations, manager updates, and is always full support. If a client needs their coach between sessions, they can call or email with fast response time.


Is your organization seeking to create a professional development curriculum? Do you need resources but don’t have the capacity to identify the right vendors? Are your mentor programs and affinity groups thriving? Want to take professional development to the next level and elevate your offerings? Michelle and the Executive Essentials team can help.

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Due to my busy travel schedule, I currently have limited space available for coaching opportunities. I have an an amazing team of coaches at Executive Essentials. Please complete the form below to match with your ideal coach.

Assessment: Thinking Preferences Assessment (TPA) by NBI®

The NBI™ Thinking Preference Assessments are a powerful suite of neuroscience based psychological assessments. Based on modern insights from the fields of neuroscience, creativity and psychology, the assessments help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations unlock their full potential.

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