Connecting Tips from My Kid

If you are a parent during this pandemic, this next statement will resonate with you — I don’t know what to do with my kids! I wrote this before school ended when their day was done before noon. Camp, organized sports, and group gatherings are all canceled or going virtual. I’m pushing them to choose things that interest them and can help them grow, and to lead by example I’ve been teaching myself Spanish on Duo-lingo (I am in the midst of an 80-day streak as I write this!)

My older son James has a particularly hard time detaching from his phone, so I decided to let him use it – to help me! He is my new Instagram advisor. I must admit, I have been slow to venture into this new outlet. I already have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn (my personal favorite), Twitter, YouTube, and now Instagram?! What I realized is that Instagram (or just ‘Insta’, as my son taught me), is very different from the other platforms. It relies mainly on visual stimulation and engages a different part of the brain than reading does. Images stick with you. Images create a lasting impression.

First, he told me I needed two separate accounts, one for personal and one for business, which kicked off a long debate – I won! I explained that I had attempted dual accounts before with Facebook and found it difficult. I am all about blending the personal and professional. I want people to feel connected to me personally – as well as professionally – and it was important for my Instagram to reflect that. So we kicked it off with a post of me working outside with my new coworkers. His first post for me!

Every week James talks to me about what to post. He hasn’t always been consistent, BUT – he has gotten a few posts up and it gives us something to do together. I told him if he got my account to reach over 1,000 followers that I would start paying him. How’s that for incentive?! Feel free to follow at Instagram and help a kid out.

The best part about having James help me is that it has engaged him. He read my book, The 11 Laws of Likability, for a school project and oral presentation this past year. He knows my work – and he gets it. He even got an A on the project – proud mama moment!

His latest idea is to get people to take a picture with my book, post it on their Instagram, and tag me in the post. I loved the idea! If you have any of my books on your shelf, please post, tag, and help keep my kid busy. From one parent to the next – we need all the help we can get!

Stay safe and keep virtually connecting!

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