What Level of Connector Are You?

10 Questions | Approx Time: 03 Minutes By: Michelle Tillis Lederman

Almost everyone has some Connector tendencies. Whether we are naturally wired with all the Connector attributes or not, the likelihood is that we have a few of them. How many Connector tendencies you access regularly influences what level of Connector you are.

A Non-Connector doesn’t see the value in or is really uncomfortable with the idea of connecting. This is rare.

This is the start of connecting. An Emerging Connector embodies some of the behaviors, but not yet all of the elements and mindsets. Or, they are not yet consistently applying them.

The Responsive Connector is open and willing but does not always recognize how and when they can add value. Therefore, they don’t initiate the connection or offer of assistance.

Connecting has become part of the thinking of an Acting Connector. They consider how to help those in their network with introductions and information. Their network’s breadth and depth are growing.

The breadth of a Super Connector’s network crosses geographic areas, demographic differences, personal interests, professional industry, job functions, titles, and levels.