Convention Connection: Have A Buddy

My kids started school a few weeks ago – two middle schoolers! It was my youngest’ s first year. It is hard to walk into a new place with so many new faces looking for a friend or a buddy in the crowd. It is not much different than walking into a conference.

How to make that a little easier is what this convention connection video is all about.

When I attended the NSA conference it was my first in 10 years. Some organizations, NSA included, create first-timer or buddy programs. Check into it for your next conference. If they don’t, find your own buddy.

I connected and coordinated with a buddy before the conference began. It made everything less stressful and more fun — no more feeling like the lonely kid in the crowd!

Having a buddy means there’s someone to save you a seat, someone to text at the beginning of the day so you have a familiar face to walk into the conference with, and someone to gush with about all the great things you learned. It alleviates a great amount of stress, just knowing that you always have someone to depend on and who will always be there to make contact with when you walk into a room of, otherwise, strangers.

I find that when you have a buddy, it’s even easier to make more buddies. We would meet new people and before long, we were a group instead of a pair. The more the merrier; it really makes a difference to keep your eyes open and always searching for another buddy to add to your group. Challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone when welcoming others in — I promise it will pay off, not only for you, but you will be helping your new comrades, as well!

It can feel nerve-racking to go to events, but it doesn’t have to be. Find a buddy, reach out to expand your group, and you might be surprised by who you meet and what you learn from them!

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