Do You Trust Your Gut?

Are you familiar with the MBTI test? It’s set up to help you understand the way that you function in the world.

“Perception involves all of the ways of becoming aware of things, people, happenings or ideas. Judgment involves all of the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived.” 

One of the means of perception that the test examines is intuition. People who follow their intuition don’t need proof to make decisions; they follow their gut.

When I took the MBTI, I discovered that this was one of the scales that I was least extreme on. I would not define myself as a person predominantly led by intuition. However, when I think back in my life, there were times when intuition was a major player in life-altering decisions I had to make.

When my husband and I were shopping for a house together, we each had our own checklist. My husband was looking for a place with central air. I was looking for a place that had a connected garage. With each place we looked at, we examined our lists, ready to turn down anything that didn’t fit the criteria we had laid out. We knew what we wanted. Our idea of the perfect house was determined by a series of bullet points.

But ultimately, that wasn’t how the decision was made.

We were inside the house. I was standing in the kitchen, watching my children play in the back yard when I felt it. “I could live here,” I thought to myself. And that became our home.

Sometimes you need your list. Sometimes you need your gut. 
Which one do you listen to?

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