Hear the highlights on how to Nail The Interview

Mark Dyson, from The Voice of The Job Seeker recently interviewed me about my new book, Nail The Interview Land the Job. You can listen to the Audio playback. Here are some of the points he highlighted from our interview:

  • Michelle said one of the common challenges to interviewing is limiting beliefs, yet most are unaware of this as a challenge and rarely talked about
  • Limiting beliefs are statements such as, “They are not going to let a new graduate into this position.”
  • One way to overcome this is to reframe the limiting messages inside of our heads
  • Michelle has her clients do a tracking of their inner self-talk, frequency, what do these messages say
  • These messages and reframing limiting beliefs reach beyond interviewing and into our lives
  • The feeling of judgment affects our overall limiting belief, uncomfortable, feeling awkward
  • “The mind drives the body, and the body drives the mind” (defensive body positions, reveals lack of confidence
  • Reframe by making yourself bigger (in mind and physical) broaden chest, larger hand gestures, and through adding confidence
  • Michelle references the Amy Cuddy TED talk about “power-posing.”
  • Too much practice can appear inauthentic
  • “Practice but do not script…” –Understand the structure in your mind as you tell stories of “How did you resolve a complaint?”
  • What stories highlight your strengths? Tell those stories.
  • Michelle offered personal stories of corporate interviews she had out of college
  • We talk about her section of the book on “mind games” which is much like “truth or dare.”

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