How to find something to CELEBRATE!

In my first book, The 11 Laws of Likability , I wrote a section called “Celebrate the Small Stuff”. (And no, that was not a play on my lack of height!)

Celebrating the small stuff was about giving ourselves credit for what we have done rather than beating ourselves up for what we haven’t. It was about feeling progress and propelling productivity.

In this unique time in history, I have found new meaning in the concept. It is also about gratitude. The practice of gratitude is known to enhance empathy and improve self esteem, and is correlated with optimism. Studies show gratitude is believed to make you feel happier and live longer.

I think we all need reasons to celebrate and redirect our thinking from all the scary stuff to things we are grateful for. Curating a positive outlook not only helps you feel good, but helps you create a cycle of good through showing your appreciation for others to share in. A true win-win!

This week, I’m feeling grateful for some of my favorite books and authors. This list just happens to be a few of the awesome writers who contributed their expertise to my book, The Connector’s Advantage. Due to the quarantine, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands to curl up with a nice book. Check out my list of must read non fiction books.


  • The Empathy Edge – Maria Ross
  • The Membership Economy – Robbie Kellman Baxter
  • How Women Rise – Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith
  • Stand Out – Dorie Clark
  • Pause – Rachael O’Meara
  • What Do I Say Next – Susan RoAne
  • Ask Powerful Questions – Will Wise and Chad Littlefield
  • Connection Culture – Michael Lee Stallard
  • Croissants Vs. Bagels – Robbie Samuels
  • The Digital Mystique – Sarah Granger


If you read or have read another book lately, don’t forget to show your appreciation by writing a review! What better book-lover activity is there (besides reading, of course) than to show your appreciation with an honest review?! I love reading how my books have encouraged and influenced others.

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