Is Now the Right Time?

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We are all rethinking how we work, specifically remotely and safely. At the same time, we are thinking about how we can still make a difference, have an impact, and help just one other person.

At least that is what I have been thinking about. My answer has been coaching. In the past, I had always limited the amount of one-on-one coaching I did. I had a few reasons for this and now they no longer seem to apply:

  • I was traveling too much
  • I have more impact in the live, one-to-many settings
  • I couldn’t fully serve my clients because I was too busy

Clearly, I no longer have any reason to not go back to my roots and embrace an activity I have missed. I am excited to put it out to the universe that I am opening my calendar for coaching again.

The most interesting thing happened as I redirected my energy – even before I voiced it publicly, I landed a new client. She was referred to me, she is the perfect client for me (someone committed to the process and someone I can help), and we already kicked off! I have two other proposals out and one in for a team of a half dozen clients.

This is the time to get a coach. If you have been thinking about coaching – reach out. I can help you determine if coaching is right for you. If I am not the right coach, I have a team of people to choose from. I love making the right match.

This is also the time to be a coach. Coaching is something that is done very effectively remotely. It is also something you can learn to do remotely. Is now the right time for you to think about building your coaching skills?

I know it may not be the first thing on your mind right now. It seems like a strange time to be working on advancing our career and sharpening our skills. It’s not intuitive. It feels like the world should stop. Like everything should go on pause until this is over.

Flip that thinking. Now is the perfect time – because you have the time! Coaching skills are valuable in so many aspects of life from managing teams, parenting, relationships, and of course – becoming a coach yourself.

There is always value in learning. Coaching is about progression. What it means to be a coach is evolving. More ideas, frameworks, tools and techniques that can make you better at what you do. We can all take a coach approach to what we do. Coaching is a state of constant growth.

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