Shining the Light on Someone Else

Shining the light on someone else

Shine the light on others and bask in the light that reflects back.

Over the year, so many of my fabulous Connections helped me promote my book, The Connector’s Advantage. I was on so many podcasts or radio shows and want to thank you all for featuring me in your very special media outlet. As a thank you, I want to highlight some of the amazing podcasters who have made such an impact on me and I hope they help you too! Although I can’t name every single podcast, I’d like to highlight a few.

The Jordan Harbinger Show – Jordan and I have been Connected for some time and he’s one of the most downloaded podcasts, sharing his brilliance with everyone who listens. Here’s my episode.

Detail Therapy with Amy Landino – Amy focuses on the details and how people can better themselves and their lives. Check out my episode.

Jim Harshaw Jr. – Jim helps people from elite athletes to executives reach their ultimate potential. Listen to my episode.

Ryan Foland 3-1-3 Challenge – Ryan’s a personal branding accelerator that teaches people how to build their brand, get featured in publications, and grow their social media following at all levels. Here’s my episode.

The Art of Authenticity with Laura Coe – Laura gets real people to get honest, get specific, and go deep about what it really means to live an authentic life and feel amazing, everyday. Here’s my episode.

Robbie Samuels Podcast – A weekly podcast that features interviews with talented professionals.  I explore how they built strong networks on their way to becoming successful leaders. Here’s my episode

The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan – It’s not just about what you know – but who you know. We’ve all heard that phrase before, but how does it actually apply to us and how can we learn to make connections that will enable us to make faster better career moves? Listen to  my episode

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast – If you are an entrepreneur, opening a business, or already running a business, The Nice Guys on Business can help you do better. Here’s my episode

Thrive Loud with Lou Diamond – Lou Diamond is a dynamic speaker and master connector who will energize and motivate organizations to explode sales, retain clients and build a thriving culture. Check out my episode

Elegant Warrior Podcast with Heather Hansen – The Elegant Warrior is a podcast for all of those who want to win life’s battles without losing themselves. Here is my episode

Big Think:  – I was also on this YouTube channel and although it’s not a podcast, it is a great resource.

I hope you enjoy the wisdom of these amazing influencers as much as I do! I’ve been featured in each of their podcasts over the past year, so again, I thank you for having me be part of your special platform! Click here to check out all of the podcasts I’ve done and other media appearances.

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