Something You Really DO Want to Know

Hi everyone!

The end of 2016 is getting closer and closer. This is the time of year when we get reflective on the past year and start planning for the next — among all the celebrating and shopping of course.

A great way to do both is to get feedback on both those topics from those around you, especially from those who work for you. I promise, it really ​​​​​​​is something you want to know. Feedback can be hard to hear, but possibly one of the most valuable gifts you will get this holiday season.

Asking for feedback can seem like a difficult task. Maybe you think they won’t tell you the truth (or worse, they will!). However, this tiny act of asking for feedback has a ripple effect of benefit. Obviously you learn how to further improve as a leader, but also the employee feels valued, heard and empowered — loyalty is increased and, in turn, productivity!

It’s all good but it only happens if you ask AND if you ask the right way.

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of asking for an honest opinion. All you need is to find an effective method so that you feel prepared and confident. (Click HERE to tweet this!)

I teamed up with the Forbes Coaches Council to shed some light on how to solicit feedback.

Click HERE to read more and to develop your method!


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