Everything Is Based On How You Are Communicating

Communication is the foundation of every interaction; every hire, every sale, every “yes” and every “no.” How we communicate, and how we connect our message to our conversation partners’ interests, will determine how well we can influence another person. Don’t want conflict, miscommunication, decreased morale, turnover – how leaders communicate to their people is a huge part of that.

Michelle’s Newest Program

Intentional Connection in a Hybrid World
Staying Present While Remote

In the new normal of remote work, connecting has taken on new challenges. In the fast moving, hybrid world we communicate through email, text and video conference and forget the power of conversation. Communication and connection are the foundation for building a thriving network and business.

During this talk, Michelle will inspire you to leverage the power of personal connection in the hybrid work environment while still incorporating the efficiency of virtual communication.

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Additional Training Solutions from Executive Essentials

In addition to providing training herself, Michelle’s company Executive Essentials offers a wide array of in-person workshops, private coaching and virtual programs, all of which can be customized to meet a client’s needs. When it comes to online meetings, Michelle has been delivering virtual training on remote keynote presentations for over 10 years. She even taught the top business schools across the US how to create an engaging webinar. She brings this virtual training experience and skill to Executive Essentials as part of their valued offerings.

The special sauce at Executive Essentials is understanding a client’s needs, finding great talent, and knowing how to match a client’s objectives and style preference to the bench of talent we have.

Executive Essentials doesn’t want the training to end in the room. We are action oriented and always encourage participants to take the training from the room to their team. We provide mechanisms to extend the learning and the action long after the training has concluded.

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