Influencing Others into Action

What do you want? How likely are you to make it happen in the time frame you want? The truth is we often need the actions of others to accomplish our goals. The best way to get what you want is to figure out why someone else wants you to have it.

In this interactive talk Michelle will reveal the three reasons people take action and how to increase your aptitude of each technique.

Perfect For: Leadership, Team Building, Improving Performance, or Sales

Program Benefits

  • Recognize the three reasons people take action
  • Incorporate the Inquiry vs Advocacy model to reveal motivations
  • Discover how to position requests using What’s In It For Them (WIIFT)
  • Adopt a Connector mindset to leverage relationships
  • Ask for what you want with ease and increase the odds of getting a ‘yes’

Based on the Best Selling Book

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About Michelle

Michelle is most frequently described as an energetic, interactive, and engaging speaker. Approachable and easy to understand, she takes complex concepts and makes them simple and accessible to all audiences. Her breakout sessions are highly interactive and leave audiences empowered to implement new skills back on the job. Whether a keynote or breakout, Michelle can customize sessions to fit your audience. Any keynote topic can be converted into an experiential breakout session. 

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