Staying Present While Remote

In the new normal of remote work, connecting has taken on new challenges. In the fast moving, hybrid world we communicate through email, text and video conference and forget the power of conversation. Communication and connection are the foundation for building a thriving network and business.

During this talk, Michelle will inspire you to leverage the power of personal connection in the hybrid work environment while still incorporating the efficiency of virtual communication.


Perfect For:
LeadershipEffective Communications, Individual Impact, and Relationship Building


What You Will Learn

  • Recognize the benefits and drawbacks of connecting in the remote workplace
  • Leverage technology to show up powerfully while on screen
  • Discover key strategies to build intentional connection into your agenda
  • Learn how curiosity creates connection, keeps you engaged and minimizes multitasking

Be ready with your own copy of The Connector’s Advantage

Regardless of your goal; a job, a promotion, new business, a referral… who you know and who knows you will lead to opportunities. It is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.

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About Michelle

Michelle is most frequently described as an energetic, interactive, and engaging speaker. Approachable and easy to understand, she takes complex concepts and makes them simple and accessible to all audiences. Her breakout sessions are highly interactive and leave audiences empowered to implement new skills back on the job. Whether a keynote or breakout, Michelle can customize sessions to fit your audience. Any keynote topic can be converted into an experiential breakout session. 

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