Stop asking permission to do this…

Stop asking permission to do this

When I was a senior in high school we had to select a quote for our yearbook to go under our picture. Though I ended up going with something more robust, the runner-up quote was… “ I am what I am” – Popeye

Even then I believed in self-acceptance, yet it still seems to be something that needs some reinforcement. In 2019, when my latest book, The Connector’s Advantage, was launching, I realized it was still something I was working on.

I found myself asking for permission to show my excitement about the launch in a unique way. You can check out how in this video.


I was checking in to see if my idea was acceptable. We shouldn’t need to do that.

You don’t need permission to be yourself!

When thinking about how I like to be me, I felt the need to call up my stylist friend. Her response was what I needed to hear and what I also need to share. She reminded me that style is a reflection of our personal grit, values, and brand. And if my fun and funky idea would reflect my values and brand, then I should certainly make that style choice. Making choices that reflect our personal brand and values isn’t only limited to our physical appearance. In addition to expressing ourselves through our fashion or décor, we can be true to ourselves through our habits and hobbies, our causes and commitments, and simply in the way we show up, the words we choose, and how we put our energy forward.

What’s YOUR personal brand? Think about this question, and then commit to staying true to yourself and flaunting your personal brand loudly and proudly. The world needs your whole, full, authentic self. Sometimes others need the example to give themselves permission to fully show up.

So, stop asking for permission from others to just be you. Remember, you don’t need permission to be yourself.

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