How To Get Coaching- For Free!

Last week was about figuring out if you are really ready for coaching, and how to choose a coach if you are ready.  This week is about when you want it,

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Coach

I am constantly being asked, “Should I hire a coach?” … and my response is often to talk people out of it. I know — I am a coach. Why would I

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How Do You Create An Environment Of Inclusion?

Writing a book is always a humbling process. You have a plan for how it’s going to go and then, surprise surprise, it takes all kinds of turns you don’t

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The One Thing You Must Do

The Thursday before the 2017 holiday break my garage door wouldn’t open. Both cars were trapped inside. I realized this less than an hour before I had to pick up

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Connection is the Link to Success

Welcome back, here is the third installment of my favorite podcast with Jordan Harbinger on the If you haven’t seen the first two posts make sure to check out

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How to Network Your Way into a New City

I never thought that I would spend so much time on social media but after reading Michelle’s book The 11 Laws of Likability I actually saw how to use it

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Part 2: Social Networking Series

9 Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Relationships Much like a live networking event, we log onto LinkedIn to make business connections. But as you know, simply making the connection isn’t

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Navigating Networking: The Graceful Exit

Easy Conversation Closers Have you ever been at a networking event – in the middle of a nice enough conversation – yet secretly plotting how to move on? Or perhaps

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How To Ask For What You Want

I was explaining The Law of Giving (Law #10 from my book) during one of my recent talks on networking, when a woman in the audience grumbled, “I’m tired of

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