The Power of Words


When I was a kid I loved the saying “Sticks and stones may break my ones but words will never hurt me.” I thought it was a great retort to protect me from the mean girls in the 3rd grade. But of course it wasn’t true. We all know words can hurt. But words can also inspire, teach, motivate, empower.

I love words! Though my husband says I am sometimes a bit too particular about word choice – guilty! I think we believe our own words. So if you say, “I can’t” or “I’m not good at…” You are right. I tell my kids to say “…yet” or “I am working on getting better at…” Since words shift our thinking.

This is why I write.

Language has the powerful ability to give shape to our thoughts and impact our actions. Books are a place all of these thoughts can live and often a medium to have readers understand a new perspective. Books and words empower us in different ways – they can transport us out of reality and into a different world, educate us on topics we’re curious about, and help us grow empathy for others. Through the years, I am certain you have found authors that have entertained, inspired and gained your trust. Here are a couple of my own personal favorites:

  • Sally Helgesen: How Women Rise
  • Stephen Covey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Maria Ross: The Empathy Edge
  • Rebecca Friese: The Good Culture (Coming November 11th – I got a sneak peak!)
  • Amy Cuddy: Presence

National Author’s Day is on November 1st and here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Read a favorite part of a book by your favorite author
  • Make a list of how your favorite author inspired you in their work
  • Research your favorite author and learn a little more about them
  • Find and read some of your favorite author’s early work to appreciate their growth
  • Use social media to share your favorite author’s work

Another meaningful way to celebrate your author is by leaving an honest review of their book. This allows them and others to know how the book has impacted your life. I have always been so thankful for the reviews I’ve received of my books. I always appreciate hearing how my books have inspired or guided my readers.

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