Three tips for when you get frustrated

I seem to be stuck on a theme. Not surprisingly, it’s likability.

We are all likable. And at the same time, you can’t make anybody like you – let alone everybody. Fear not, what you can do is enable someone to see what is likable about you.

We always have options when we approach or respond to situations. We have the option to get angry and upset, or we have the option to approach the situation with kindness and understanding. I believe in the power of Likability and the difference it makes. It can help you achieve not just what you want in the workplace, but in day to day life situations. It can also just make you feel better in any given moment.

I recently had to deal with my bank – a big one – to get a letter for a new Women Owned Business certification. Unfortunately, the letter was not a standard one and no one seemed able to help me. I was legitimately and extremely frustrated. After piles of paperwork, much harder to compile – this letter was going to cause my application to be rejected?!

Well, you know I wouldn’t be telling this story if there wasn’t a lesson in here somewhere. Here’s what it reminded me:

  1. Get in front of your communications. I let the application director know about my challenges getting the letter. I kept her informed of the issues and asked for an alternative solution. She was kind, understanding, and gave me an alternative letter. (I couldn’t get that non-standard letter either!)
  2. Manage Expectations. This goes for yourself and others. In communicating with the certification director, I kept her posted about timing and knew I would not make the stated deadline before the date passed. I asked for an extension and was granted one. As for my expectations, I realized I may not succeed in getting my bank to budge and asked them to be creative too.
  3. Be nice. Not new, but always helpful. After about two weeks and way too many hours on the phone, it was a nice note posted in the private Facebook window that got me a person willing to go the extra mile. Sanjeeb, if you are reading this – you rock! He went through legal, seriously – he had to go through legal to get me a letter stating I was the signatory on the account. And he succeeded!These lessons have served me well more times than I can count. If you never heard my story about wanting to return a laptop after the exchange window had passed, you can hear me talk about it—and much more—with host Steve Benson of Outside Sales Talk Podcast. You can imagine my excitement upon hearing that this episode landed me in the Sales Hall of Fame! Check out the profile and video they set up HERE.

Never really thought of myself as a sales expert, but the truth is sales, like everything else, is all about relationships. So get in front of your communications, manage expectations and most importantly – just be nice.

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