‘Tis the season to connect!

The Season to Connect - Notepad

With the holiday season comes the holiday parties – but probably not this year. It is still a time of joy, celebration, reflection and gratitude. So how can you keep this the season to connect when your ability to get together is limited?

There are so many ways to stay connected even from a distance. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Year in Review Letter: You know that cousin who only writes once a year but then sends 5 pages filling you in on everything from the whole year? Love those! Though I am guessing it may be a shorter note this year.
  2. Holiday Collage Cards: I must admit, I have never done the family picture holiday cards but I do love getting them and seeing how everyone has changed over the past year. An alternative, otherwise known as my lazy version of this, send an email with a collage of pictures representing your year.  You’ll be getting mine in a few weeks!
  3. Send Bumpy Mail: Admit it, bumpy mail peaks your curiosity. It sticks out from the pile and get your attention. The question is, what to put in that envelope to make it bumpy… how about a book!

It truly is the season to connect!

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