Two Things to Share With You

Last week I did a webinar for a local SHRM chapter. It was called, Get Known, Get (Virtually) Connected, Get Ahead. It was meant to be live but the times required a change in plans as well as a tweak of the title and content.

We had some technical difficulties. I couldn’t figure out how to randomize the breakout Zoom rooms instead of just putting people back in the same room. But everyone was understanding and bore with me while I did it manually. (If you know – please teach me!)

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t perfect. The turnout was double what it would have been if it was live. I was in such a good mood after the program. It felt great to do what I love to do and have people engaged and connecting.

I share all that for two reasons: 1) it feels so good to feel useful and 2) I had to put makeup on to do it.

The latter is relevant because it inspired me to record a little video for all of you. The former is relevant because the video is about asking how I can help you. Feeling useful and helpful to others is grounding, purposeful, fulfilling, and well – keeps me from eating more yodels!

I am still part of the global team of coaches for frontline workers. If that is you, THANK YOU! If you need help or need a coach, we continue to provide free coaching as a small thank you for your tremendous contributions. Learn more HERE.

You can watch my quarantine message below, lipstick and mascara included:

For now, stay safe and be mindful. Trust infectious disease experts and public health officials. Let’s try and get through this as swiftly as we can.

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