Two Things You Must Always Do

two things you must always do

This is it. Right about now… mid February. This is when most people’s New Year’s resolutions lose steam. Suddenly, gyms are less crowded again.

I wrote a blog post just after 2020 began talking about how I’m not personally a fan of resolutions. I wrote about how the word “resolution” sets us up wrong from the beginning:

We all fall off, do more, do less, have a bad day or week, or get sick and it throws us off course. With these words, the result feels like failure, so we give up.

My magic word is much more pliable…  


Goals can make it past February. Goals have small steps that we can accomplish along the way. Goals have room for interpretations, allowing us to change, adjust and grow to value our achievements, even if they’re in a slightly different direction than we imagined at first.

What are your goals for 2020?

How have they held up so far?

I have been in the business world for quite some time and, in my opinion, there are a couple of overarching goals that everyone should follow, all the time.

1. Learn
2. Grow

They’re simple. Just words…intentions. Intentions that could set forth any vast number of possibilities. When you challenge yourself to learn and grow you are giving yourself the opportunity to be MORE and to discover paths you would have never considered.

Here’s to your 2020 goals, and continuing to learn and grow!

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