Vulnerability… Your gateway to connection


It’s Valentine’s Day. I have to admit, I don’t really care. But I used to.


It is easier not to care when I am in a strong, loving relationship. But for many, Valentine’s Day may highlight what is missing in our lives or our relationships. It can bring up feelings of vulnerability. I also used to hate the word vulnerability. I associated it with weakness. It took a long time for me to change my view and embrace the concept.


Recently, vulnerability has been a frequent topic with several of my clients. How vulnerability impacts the organization, teamwork, relationships, and even sense of self. Whether or not it is a good or bad element to infuse into interactions.


These conversations reminded me of a sermon I heard last Rosh Hashana. My ears perked up when the Rabbi quoted Brene Brown, “Vulnerability is the risk we take to experience connection.”
What stuck with me is when he took it a step further and talked about vulnerability being the gateway. I love that idea.


Vulnerability opens you up and opens up opportunity. It can be a gateway for creativity, innovation, problem solving, and of course – connection. Vulnerability is a prerequisite.


I know, sounds great but it is still scary and uncomfortable. No doubt. That’s why I want to remind you how to frame vulnerability. Don’t run from it (like I used to). Recognize what it took me years to learn; vulnerability is not about weakness or self-deprecation. It is not about exposing yourself to be hurt.


Vulnerability is about giving trust.


Vulnerability is about openness.


Vulnerability is about sharing.


Vulnerability leads to credibility.


Vulnerability is your gateway to connection.


You can and should be selective about who you are vulnerable with. Look for opportunities to share something that might help someone else learn, grow, or connect. Let me know what opportunities you have uncovered!


So if you find this Valentine’s Day leaving you feeling vulnerable, think about how to use that vulnerability to build connection with someone else and with yourself. Take a risk, the payoff is worth it.

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