Do you want to claim your power?

If you are ever in the audience when I am the speaker, please come up and say hello.  People email me after and tell me they didn’t want to bother me.

Bother me?!?

Hearing feedback from people is one of the greatest gifts I am given. Understanding the impact of my work is motivating and encourages me to continue to push myself.
I am so grateful to the man who approached me after I delivered my You The Brand: Determine And Drive How Others See You keynote. He said, “This would be so powerful for female audiences, enabling them to claim their power.”
I looked at him and said, “You just gave me a new talk title!”
Speaking up can be a great gift.
Often people, admittedly more often women, silence themselves.
I am passionate about enabling women to find and use their voice and claim their power. Do you want to claim your power? Invite me to speak at your conference, for your organization, or to your women’s group. Or if you think someone else you know could benefit from hearing my Claim Your Power keynote, reach out and let me know. Better yet, connect me. This is a message we need to spread!
If you need to step into your power and find your voice, check out this article about The Top 10 Communication Tips For Women.

I agree with every single one, though I have a few favorites…probably because they relate well to my Laws of Likability.  ​​​​​​My favorite is #6: Lead with warmth. This is the heart of Law of Authenticity.  The Law of Curiosity is clear in #7: Open conversations for discovery.

What would you put on this list? Click HERE to read the rest of the article!

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