What is YOUR Dream?

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I spent the day skiing and driving and thinking. It is hard not to think about and be inspired by the work of this amazing man.



The journey into 2017 has begun. We are all striving to crush our goals and achieve our vision of success — whatever that looks like for each of us. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision was so clear to him, and that clarity is what drove him closer to success.

I know that as a country, we have not yet fulfilled his vision, his dream. But he did make astounding strides to start a movement that made a massive difference and still impacts the lives of every person in our nation.

Like me, I hope you take inspiration from MLK Jr. to know that no dream is too big. Your vision is possible; it is worth the effort. Pursue it with vigor. If he had not believed in himself, pursued and persevered, the world would not be the same and I, like all of us, would sorely miss his impact.

What is your dream? Is your vision clear? How are you going to accomplish that this year?

Dream big and persevere, and your dream will be realized.


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