What’s Your Legacy?


The entirety of the Marshall Goldsmith MG 100s was truly that legacy. He said, “My heroes are the people who are generous and help others.” One of the members, Ayse Birsel, served as the inspiration for all of this. Ayse, and said to Marshall, “You should be more like your heroes.” This prompted him to take action, saying, “Okay, I’m going to adopt 15 people, teach them everything I know, and let them pay it forward.” The result? 18,000 applications later, he was stunned. Yes, I realized just how lucky I am to be in this community.


During the event, he introduced somebody called “Marshall Bot,” an AI version of himself, complete with his voice and even a little bit of his sense of humor. He’s been training the AI to respond to questions and continue to help others even after he’s gone. This aligns with the essence of the MG 100 initiative, emphasizing the importance of leaving a lasting legacy.


At the end of the conference, Marshall stood up and shared a powerful message: “Legacy is about being present after you’re gone.” He clarified that there are no payments or dues involved; the only thing he asks is that, when you find yourself in a position to do so, you pay it forward and help someone else. He expressed hope that one day, each individual gets to stand in front of a crowd of amazing people, feeling the same sense of fulfillment he was experiencing.


So, how do we go about accomplishing this? If you’re inspired to hear about the remarkable impact others have made, then you’ve likely heard about all the amazing people and the lives they’ve touched, saved, and improved. Perhaps, like me, you wonder how you can have an impact too.


What I’ve come to realize is that I don’t have to try to match the impact of those extraordinary individuals or the breadth of their influence. Instead, if I can make a little difference every day, that, to me, is success. During the event, someone approached me, expressing a desire for a more interactive leadership class. I gladly offered my assistance, having coached faculty at NYU on this very topic for nearly a decade. Her response, “Boy, I met the right person.” It made me realize that my legacy might be impacting one person at a time.

What’s your legacy?

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