Why You Should Care About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is all over the place; we hear about it over and over again. Why do you need to care about Emotional Intelligence?

Because the biggest difference between an average performer and a star performer is your EQ, not your IQ. Is this a concept that you are familiar with?

Emotional Intelligence means that you have self-awareness: You know your triggers, you know how to be responsive instead of reactive, and you know how to make good decisions. Only after you have those areas of self-awareness mastered can you be self-motivated, because self-motivation is all about overcoming obstacles when things don’t go your way.

While IQ may be important for getting a job done, EQ will always take you further. It is definitely worth taking the time to understand and develop your EQ — especially if you are hoping to advance in your career.

Watch Success Shortie: Emotional Intelligence to learn more about the pyramid of self-mastery and social mastery, and why your EQ is so important to moving ahead in your career. ​​​​​​​

Are you aware of your emotional intelligence? Do you strive to improve and develop it each day? Reply with a comment to share any tips or tricks you have developed over the years to bring strength to your EQ. We would love to hear them!

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