Why Do You Do What You Do?

I was recently interviewed by one of my favorite people, Amy Landino, on her podcast Detail Therapy. If you’re not familiar with Amy or her show, you want to be. Amy is an award-winning YouTuber, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Her podcast, Detail Therapy, seeks expert advice on productivity, career, wealth, relationships, mental health, travel, business, branding, and time-management.

As she says, “Get ready for a lot of details, a little therapy and a lot of motivation to help you make your passion possible.”

During the interview, Amy and I talked about how to become a super-connected person. Amy asked me, “Why do you do what you do?” 

My answer was immediate.

“Because it matters.”

This got me thinking. I was happy that I had an answer to that question, but I hadn’t really thought about it before. The answer may vary from person-to-person. Some people do what they do because it makes money, or because they truly enjoy every aspect of it. I hope that my reason — because it matters — is obvious in my delivery.

I don’t just think that being a Connector is a good idea. It’s essential. It’s often the difference between success and failure.

You can listen to my interview with Amy here and decide for yourself.

And tell me – why do you do what you do?

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