Why you should embrace vulnerability.

Hi everyone!

When I was doing my You The Brand talk at Lehigh University, I talked about the four pillars of trust: Authenticity, vulnerability, transparency, and consistency. (I will tell you more about those concepts next week!) I always get push-back on the concept of vulnerability — and this talk was no different. I hear, “Why would I want to do that?” And, “People will think I am weak.” — Always said with indignation and skepticism.

Truth be told, I pushed back on vulnerability for years….until I realized that vulnerability is not about showing weakness or being weak. It’s about sharing yourself and being open. (Click HERE to Tweet this!)

Last year, I did a Success Shortie on how ‘vulnerability leads to credibility’ — a phrase that used to literally make me feel nauseous. Vulnerability. Me? No! Not ever, not I! It took a helpful (and honest!) outside source to convince me to stop nurturing the large chip on my shoulder, and to realize that avoiding vulnerability was not working for me.

Is it your turn to take a chance and open up? Don’t be afraid!  I promise that once you learn to embrace your vulnerability, you will become a better leader because of it.

What step will you be taking towards opening up?

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