Your Voice is Important! Have You Used it Lately?

Happy election day!

I know, many people are not too excited and some are downright scared of this presidential election. Don’t worry, I will take no political stance in this note. Instead I will use the election as a lesson about voice. I want to make sure your voice is being heard in every aspect of your life.

I coach many people on how to be heard from the way they sit or stand, to their word choice, intonation, and delivery. All of those matter but none so much as your willingness to speak. You have to make your presence and opinion known. Don’t minimize the contribution and impact you can have by silencing yourself. I know, we have that internal conversation, “they won’t listen to me anyway so why bother?” and “It’s just one vote, my state doesn’t matter.”

Your voice matters. Your voice has an impact even when you are unaware of the impact. People are listening. (Tweet this!)

Last year when my then 9-year-old son was verbally and physically bullied by another student, I used my voice. When I felt I wasn’t being heard and no action was being taken, I didn’t get louder; I restructured my message. I had to speak in their language and work within their process. I had to address their concerns and fears. And finally they listened.​​​​​​​


If you think people are not listening, rethink how you are communicating, but don’t stop talking. (Tweet this!)

All elections are important, sometimes the local more than the national. I was stunned that only a few votes differentiated who got elected to my local school board and who did not. Every vote mattered. I hope you voted. Whatever your beliefs, it is important to have your voice heard.

Jumping off my soap box now; thank you for indulging me.


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