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Need an energetic, insightful expert on your show? Book Michelle as a guest on your show. Michelle has appeared on TV and radio shows across the country including CBS Money Watch, Fox 5’s Good Day NY, and over 100 radio shows such as; Gayle King, NPR, Martha Stewart Living, and The John Tesh Show. She has been quoted in the New York Times, The Star Ledger, Working Mother and Real Simple magazines, US News & World Report, on MSNBC, and among others. Her book, articles, quizzes and videos have been featured on USA Today, AOL, Forbes, CNBC, and Use her professional expertise and knowledge as a timely topic for your show.


TV & Video

LinkedIn Live – The Connectors Advantage
C-Suite TV – Best Seller TV: Michelle Tillis Lederman
BigThink – Master the Art of Networking, from Entrance to Exit – How to Be Fair While Being a Manager – How to Provide Constructive Criticism at Work – How to Interview a Candidate

OnFire Ignites / The OnFire B2B Podcast – Building a Relationship-Based Business 

A Handful of Hope with Jesse Brisendine – The Connectors Advantage 

Talking with the Experts with Rose Davidson – The Connectors Advantage 
BrightTalk – Connection with Michelle Tillis Lederman

Radio & Podcast

Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Real Deal with Jason M. Silverman — Use the Laws of Likability to Supercharge your Business
Anne Janzer — Interview with Michelle Tillis Lederman
Exit Coach Radio Show with Bill Black — Relationship Networking
The Larsen Group — Discover the Differences Between “Get To’s” and “Should’s.”
Marketing Thought Leadership with Linda Popky — Branding Yourself to Win
Dr. Diane Hamilton Show –Take the Lead with Dr. Diane Hamilton
Growth Experts Podcast – How Being a Connector Can Help You Grow Your Bottom Line with Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networkwise Podcast – Networking as a Connector
Financing Your Frequency Podcast – Kevin Bacon Has Nothing on Uber Connector Michelle Tillis Lederman
5 Minute Success – The PodcastSecrets of a Super Connector Revealed
Outside Sales Talk with Steve BensonThe Connector’s Advantage: How to Get What You Want
The 3-1-3 Challenge with Ryan Foland – You Need to Get Heard to Get Results
Learn to Lead – Connecting – It’s More Than Networking
The Published Author Podcast – Writing Books Brings Entrepreneur International Speaking Roles, Opens Doors

Career and Likability

The Art of Charm – Nail the Interview
Clearly Influential with Sandy Donovan — 11 Laws of Likability
Dr. Zara’s Circle of Change Radio Show — Helping Heroes Get Hired
John Murphy International – Being Liked is Important — Really!
ContenderCast with Justin Honaman – Helping People Work Better Together: 11 Laws of Likeability, Nail The Interview and More!
Tell Janus Radio Show & Podcast – Relationship Driven Leader
Micro Success Secrets Podcast Likability, Networking And The Gift Of Connection
The Wicked Podcast The Connector’s Advantage
The Remarkable Leadership Podcast – The Connector’s Advantage with Michelle Tillis Lederman
Sales Pop Podcast The Connector’s Advantage – 7 Mindsets to Grow your Influence and Impact
Kacey On the Radio — Who Likes You, Baby? Find out How to Relate to People We Don’t Like
Start Within – How To Build Better Connections and Networks for Greater Impact
Stick Like Glue Radio with Jim Palmer — The Laws of Likability
Jennings Wire – The 11 Laws of Likability
Conscious Business Leader PodcastConfidence, Clarity, Connection
Build Your Network Podcast – Michelle Lederman – The Connector’s Advantage
Smart Business Revolution Podcast with John Corcoran – The Connector’s Advantage: How to Turn Connections into Revenues and Climbing the Career Ladder
Pretty Simple Sarah Podcast – Michelle Tillis Lederman – Networking Expert
Be the Hero Podcast – Scarcity vs Abundance
Networking Rx – Connecting via Abundance
Networking RxThe Anatomy of a Conversation
Evolver’s Podcast – From Seller to Connector – 7 Mindsets to Immediately Grow Your Influence and Impact: W/Michelle Tillis-Lederman
Giving Starts with You – The Power of Connection and Laws of Likeability


Press & Citations

Networking and Likability

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