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Yotam Stanger

Michelle was a wonderful coach and mentor. Through our work together, Michelle demonstrated a great understanding of effective communication and collaboration. Her insights and guidance not only enhanced my personal skills but also transformed me into a better team member and leader. Michelle’s coaching style is tailored, insightful, and results-driven. In particular, her initial 360 review provided a powerful and insightful assessment of strength and areas for development, and helped identify any potential “blind spots”. Her feedback is constructive, motivating, and always delivered with a positive approach. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking a dedicated and skilled executive coach. Her influence extends beyond the professional level, leaving a lasting impact on personal and career development.

Yotam Stanger

Director, Fremont Macanta

Being in the IT industry I get to be an audience member to a lot of of speakers who preach about leadership. Michelle’s approach to engaging an audience was completely fresh, insightful, and it actually led to me making a change in behavior. She actually found a brilliant way to create impact when she showed you the behavior she wanted you to implement into your daily work routine without the audience realizing it, into her own stage presence. She completely cut through the “noise” of professional advice out there by being very tactical in her presentation. Look forward to “experiencing” her give a presentation again! 

Calhoun McKinney

Sr. Director, Product Business Management, TD SYNNEX

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Michelle. It was eye-opening how she helped guide me through specific presentations and situations to better present my work. There are things that will stick with me forever. Passionate, enthusiastic, genuinely down to earth and invested in your development! Highly recommend you allow Michelle to help you; you don’t know what you don’t know!!

Thomas Sachtler, MBA

Director of National Warehouse Operations, ALDI USA

Michelle was a speaker at our women’s leadership conference and knocked it out of the park. She related to the audience and gave us a lot of good takeaways that the women could use everyday. Highly recommend.

Betty Collins, CPA

Columbus Managing Director, Brady Ware

I recently attended Michelle’s WBECS presentation on “Innate Communication” and found her style and content to be direct, clear, concise and very engaging. The session was full of practical take aways. Thank you Michelle for your generosity of spirit and sharing. 

Tina Shah

Premier Fellow Coach, BetterUp

I had the most engaging and insightful session with Michelle while attending the WBECS summit. Her energy and presence hit me right away. Her content was very well organized and presented. It gave me a lot of food for thought and I am still exploring and chewing on her presentation. The entire experience was very powerful. Her animated personality and fun engaging methods kept it very interesting and enjoyable for me.  

Sonia Saini

Certified Transformational Executive and Life Coach, Tickle Your Mind

I am amazed by the way; Michelle shared her networking vs. connecting presentation in the digital age with simplicity, clarity, and in a thought-provoking way. It was an inspiring presentation. I happily recommend Michelle Tillis Lederman here on LinkedIn.

Fred Calfo, PCAM

General Manager CAM, Luxury Waterfront High-Rise

I attended Michelle’s session at Wbecs, Innate Communication: Understanding Others to Strengthen Relationships. It was an invaluable 90 minutes of learning, interaction, reflection, connection, and inspiration.

Berna Merih, FCPC, ACC

Owner and Founder, Berna Merih Coaching, LLC

Michelle provides engaging and dynamic sessions with a good mix of full group discussions and smaller breakout groups. She brings a wealth of experience with her framework and provides easy to use tools in improving one’s capabilities in making better connections. 

Fiona Humphrey

Project Management Consultant, CrossCountry Consulting

Michelle is an authentic connector! I attended her recent workshop at Lehigh University and was blown away by her enthusiasm and ability to engage a room. When she speaks, she focuses on you. Her eyes, body position, and engaging questions say I see you. She took 200+ fundraising professionals on a memorable journey. I can’t wait to participate in another workshop!

Joi-Anissa Russell

Director Of Development - Parent Giving & Student Affairs, Northwestern University

I was looking to fine tune some executive skills and prepare for bigger opportunities. Michelle tailored a custom plan for me that exceeded my expectations. The work we did together helped shape and grow my goals and trajectory, and I saw measurable, definitive results immediately. Truly grateful for the chance to work together and I highly recommend her!  

Jonny Blistein

Vice President of Business Development, Ryff

Connected Leadership is a deep dive into the tools you need to succeed as a leader in today’s organizations. More and more it’s about how you connect with and influence individuals and Michelle’s approach, based on her books, takes an incredibly practical, straight-forward approach on a topic that’s anything but technical. Michelle’s style, energy and content are world-class and I feel lucky to have been a part of this.

Rebecca Friese

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, FLYN

I met Michelle at a professional conference where she presented a piece on public speaking and professional communication. I found her to not only be knowledgeable and articulate, but very approachable. Her passion for her craft shines through, and her genuine interest in the success of others is undeniable. When I think of professional communication, I think of Michelle Tillis Lederman. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to polish their communication skills and professional image.

Brandi M

Client Account Manager, Cardinal Services, Inc.

Michelle presented a program about her new book “Nail the Interview Land the Job” for Morris County SHRM job fair and received positive feed back from 180+ guests!

Michelle has also presented a program before for the Morris County SHRM Chapter about “The 11 Laws of Likability.”

Highly recommend both books and presenter for your SHRM Chapter, company or organization programs…you will not be disappointed!

David Moran

Employee Benefit Enrollment Counselor, Aon

Michelle Tillis Lederman was our Symposium 2016 keynote speaker. She was inspiring and reminded me of several ways to be my best self.  These included being authentic, transparent, vulnerable and consistent. This builds trust and trust in relationships is key to being a leader and engendering loyalty and productivity.  Connection points with others includes sharing information, appreciating the differences, finding common ground, assuming positive intent and adding value.  I enjoyed her presentation and recommend her!

Kerry L Hughes

Director of Business Systems, Committee for Children

I have read Michelle’s book “The 11 Laws of Likability” three times and I highly recommend this book. I have learned something new each time! Great read!!

Shawn Shook

Vice President, BBE Solutions Inc

I had the opportunity to see Michelle speak at a recent conference.  As a 25 year veteran Sales Professional I found her presentation and advice to be practical and immediately actionable.  She set the audience at ease and held the attention of the room in a warm, yet direct, informative manner. I highly recommend Michelle’s program to help you and your employees better understand and execute the art and science of professional networking.

Steven Dudley

Senior Vice President of Healthcare Solutions and Business Process, SureTest, Inc.

I saw Michelle speak at the Channel Company’s Midsize Enterprise Summit. I REALLY enjoyed what she had to say as well as the manner in which she presented. It was very conversational. I love how she engaged the audience while sharing such relevant information. I had the privilege of discussing how to obtain happiness on stage with her. A wonderful, wonderful message.

Leslie Cothren

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft

Dynamic and engaging speaker! You feel an immediate sense of comfort to share opinions in new environments. Michelle is so welcoming you find yourself wanting to know more about her as well as yourself when you implement the suggestions and advice she shares. I thank Michelle for her positivity and true joy in helping others, it is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Diana Borrelli

Systems Consultant, Kastle Systems

It was very exciting listening to Michelle during her webinar on Amy Cole Connect this past Wednesday. She is very enrolling and inspiring. I have created the possibility of expanding my network with colleagues past, present and future. I am looking forward to applying her techniques and suggestions to create more long lasting partnerships. Thank you Michelle.

Marianne Kuhn Huntington

Fashion Designer, THR3EFOLD

It was truly informative, as well as inspirational, to listen to Michelle’s presentation. She has clearly defined how and why to expand one’s network using techniques she has developed through research and experience. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone wishing to expand their network and cultivate contacts for a long term business and personal relationship.

Mary Cally

Founder and CEO, Clear Path Apparel Consulting

It was great having Michelle on our podcast. She brought so much wisdom and I can absolutely vouch for her purpose and values.  Thank you so much for appearing.  I’m eager to celebrate your founder story with our audiences! You are making the world a better place with what you’ve been creating. 

Josh Elledge

Founder / CEO,

Michelle spoke at the Corporate Bartender and I was immediately captivated by her energy and ability to authentically connect with the audience. Spending time with Michelle was like spending time with an old friend.  In such a short amount of time she is able to break through the surface and have a real, meaningful conversation. This year it has been more challenging than ever to connect with others, but as Michelle reminded me, we only have to keep physical distance – not social or emotional distance!

Jenny Lavey

Co-Founder & Head Visionary, RiseHR

If you ever have the chance to hear Michelle Tillis Lederman speak, take it! Not only is she smart, charming, and likable (no surprise, given her books), but she offers clear, practical tips to make networking an interesting HUMAN experience that creates real connection. I am not a person who has approached networking joyfully, I am a speaker snob, and was totally thrilled by what I got from her.

Cynthia Burnham, MBA

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, 100 Coaches

I recently participated in a leadership training that Michelle led. I usually don’t get much from leadership workshops, but Michelle left the group with clear direction and a plan to put into action. Her authenticity and energy convey clarity and purpose in developing lasting trusting connections to build collaborative and productive teams. Michelle helped us understand our personal thinking preferences and identify those of others to better communicate and connect. Definitively worth your time!

Charles Thomasset

Program Manager, CPQ Configurator

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Michelle Tillis Lederman’s courses about Leadership or listen to one of her podcasts, DO IT. It will change your life. Michelle is such a captivating speaker who has such an extensive knowledge base on effective leadership. You forget you are taking a training course as the time and days fly and the interaction is truly enjoyable. I walked away from her course with pages of notes and pearls that I can effectively apply today.

Jennifer Mancini

Manager of Marketing Communications, B. Braun Medical Inc. (US)

During her presentation at the Women’s Leadership Conference, Michelle achieved an extremely impressive amount of audience engagement. I know how challenging this can be in a virtual setting! She pulled me in and I walked away with so many new connections on the spot – completely exceeded my expectations for the event.

Katie Murphy

Partner in Residence, Denison University Red Frame Lab Consulting Program

Michelle is raw and real and very good at connecting with you during her talks. She is an inspiration sharing how connections matter to the core of all of us.

Casey Price

Franchise Partner, Crumbl Cookies

Michelle was awesome! Her energy, great insights and attention to the audience was amazing. She kept us engaged. Great job Michelle!

Diana Westhoff

CEO, People Leader & Professional Speaker, SPEAK 4 YOU, LLC

I heard Michelle speak at a virtual conference and immediately navigated to her website to take the Connector Quiz, order her book, and learn more. She was incredibly inspiring and refreshingly honest.

Sarah Allaire

Founder, Click Learning Co.

I first heard Michelle speak a few years ago and was so totally impressed that I recommended her twice for speaking engagements. If you’re not able to hear Michelle in person (or virtually), I would suggest you run (don’t walk!) to your computer and order her books on Amazon. You will not be disappointed!

Betty Clark

Principal, CPMedia & Marketing LLC

Michelle is an excellent speaker and connector.  I greatly enjoyed her presentation at the Women Who Lead Summit! 

Alexandra Espinal

Business Development Manager, Parallel18

Michelle’s tips on truly connecting with people are effective even if you think of yourself as an expert networker. If you ever have the chance to see her in action, DO IT!

Gina Hernández

Strategic Communications Academic Leader, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

I heard Michelle speak at the Women Who Lead Summit. Michelle’s genuineness and thoughtful approach to present networking skills made her talk approachable, easily digestible, and actionable.

Marc Charbonneau, MBA, CPHR

Director, Culture & Employee Experience, Servus Credit Union

Your participation in the Women Who Lead Summit: ONWARD was very interesting.  Great insight on how to move forward and extremely enthusiastic!!

Agnes B. Suarez Mendez

President & CEO, Agnes B. Suarez Consulting LLC

I really enjoyed hearing Michelle speak at the Women Who Lead conference. She provided practical methods for how to build and nurture network contacts. Looking forward to reading her book!

Rebecca Sabnani

SVP, Managed Care, Alivia Health

I had the pleasure of recently attending one of Michelle’s webinars. I found her talk to be very warm, insightful, and direct with her delivery of content – which I greatly value. I’m looking forward to reading her books.

Lisa M

Account Manager, Gable

I loved the content of the talk, it was very relevant to my career goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in growing their potential. 

Sharifu K. Tusuubira

Officer, PDA GPS Steering Committee, PDA - Parenteral Drug Association

Fantastic presentation at the World Business & Executive Coach Summit on Coaching Executives to Improve Performance & Relationship Building at the Workplace! 

Gyongyi “Georgine” Konyu-Fogel, PhD, DBA

Professor of Marketing & Innovation, Global Business, University of Maryland Global Campus

A very insightful presentation by Michele at WBECS – Innate Communication. Even by zoom she had a very good connection with the audience, mainly by the ease in the way she explained the concepts.

Humberto Souza

Co-Owner, Humberto Souza Mentoring, Training and Consulting

I recently had an opportunity to sit in on Michelle’s talk at WBECS, entitled, “Innate Communication: Understanding Others to Strengthen Relationships.”  This was, by far, one of the simplest, yet profound talks I have witnessed pertaining to the science that underpins relationships and communication. I recognize I am using conflicting words, such as simple and science, but somehow, Michelle makes it work. If you can attend her next talk, block your calendar NOW.

Dr Ray Charles

Managing Partner, The KIIP Group, LLC

Michelle gets it! Amazing speaker on building and maintaining relationships. Whether in a small senior executive setting, team meeting, or virtual fireside chat she helps reinforce what leaders need to do to inspire and influence people to achieve their best. Her books are always my go to gifts to those who are looking to be more impactful! It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend her!

Soo Bang

SVP Corporate Strategy & Operations, K36 Therapeutics, Inc.

Michelle is outstanding! From the beginning of our process, she was professional and engaging to ensure her presentation was top notch. She delivered the presentation with overflowing energy. She kept our teammates engaged and attendees had meaningful takeaways from her keynote. What I was even more impressed with was her engagement with our conference attendees the night before. She came to our dinner and made personal connections with many attendees. I have booked many keynote speakers and Michelle is one of the best.

Tiffany Poletti

Chief Operating Officer-Core Commercial, Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.

Michelle is an inspiring and fantastic speaker. She presented at P&G and shared ideas on how to stay connected in today’s world. It was extremely engaging and involved the audience to such a great level that she helped elevate the message through all the participants. I recommend Michelle to anyone for any of the topics she teaches.

Mike Moskowitz

Logistics Advisor, ExxonMobil

Attending an event with Michelle as our speaker was phenomenal. I have always been a connector, but hearing Michelle’s speech showed me how to further this skill, be conscious, and intentional on how I network. She was so engaging and interactive. Coaching from Michelle will definitely catapult you in the direction of progress and success!

Delayna Laurel

Regulatory Manager, Procter & Gamble

She is a dynamic speaker who fully enrolls the audience and gets folks to share their thoughts with others to elevate the conversation. Audience participation is a must at her events and people couldn’t stop talking about the great time they had at the event.

Lola Kelly Smalls, PhD, MBA

Beauty Consumer Measurements & Insights Director, Procter & Gamble

We recently held the 2021 Brady Ware Women’s Leadership Conference (live virtual event). Michelle graciously agreed to present at the conference on The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Increase Your Influence and Impact. The feedback from the audience was outstanding. Attendees were commenting all day on how great Michelle was to listen to, how engaging she was and how relevant her presentation was. I personally bought her book The Connector’s Advantage during her presentation because I couldn’t wait to get more! 

Jessica Kenimer, PCC-S

Event Coordinator, Women's Small Business Accelerator

I attended Michelle’s virtual presentation and was thoroughly engaged throughout – not easy to do over zoom! Her message was not only inspiring but also supported by research and experience. Can’t wait to someday connect in person! 

Randye Kaye

Podcast Host, JALM Talk, Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine

I participated in Michelle’s webinar entitled “How To Get What You Want: Influencing Others into Action,” and I mean, I really participated. Without seeing her face, she was still able to connect with her audience through her energy, conversational style, and multiple directions to use the chat box to respond to her prompts. She was also extremely generous with her attention to our chat-box answers, as well as to the questions we posed ourselves. I came away with copious, useful strategies that I can implement right away — can’t say that about every webinar!  

Daniel Sadowsky

Seventh Grade Teacher, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

I saw Michelle speak at the Channel Company’s Midsize Enterprise Summit. I love how she engaged the audience while sharing such relevant information. In fact, she pulled me on stage during a keynote because she asked the question, “What do you want?” and my shout out from the audience response was, “Happiness”. I had the privilege of discussing how to obtain happiness on stage with her. A wonderful, wonderful message. Thrilled to have met, connected, and interacted with Michelle. 

Leslie Cothren

IT Director, Universal Mental Health Services

I attended a webinar that Michelle ran (“How to Get What You Want”) and her delivery and content made it so easy to stay engaged. It was insightful and entertaining.

Laura Monaghan

Director, Corporate Brand & Content, Waters Corporation

Michelle comes across as honest, with a very easy to understand speaking style. Even though it was a webinar with hundreds of people attending, she was able to connect with the audience one on one. I enjoyed the content a lot, and came out of it with some good lessons. 

Lalita Tadikonda

Senior Director, Business Operations, Nokia Software at Nokia

I had the honor of hiring Michelle to present a keynote for The New School Staff Development Day. Michelle knocked it out of the park for an audience of 400+! The feedback has been phenomenal. Repeated themes straight from the evaluations include ” energetic, full of valuable and relevant information, polished professional and fun”. I couldn’t agree more. Michelle is a natural, she quickly engages the crowd, picks up on audience needs and gets powerful messages across in a humble, smart way. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle for any keynote, training or coaching. A true gem. She left us wanting more!

Ilana Tolpin Levitt

Director of Employee Development and Organizational Effectiveness, The New School

Michelle lead a session at ALA’s Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD. I have been to several conferences and attended numerous sessions and have never experienced a presentation like this one. Michelle was incredibly engaging. She connected with every member of the audience and even remembered most of our names. I left the session feeling empowered and equipped with so many tools to effectively network.

Sarah Cramer

Administrative Services Supervisor at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

WOW…is how I would describe Michelle and her speeches. Engagement with the audience is so important, and Michelle hits that right on the head each time she speaks. She takes great pride in her content and making sure each audience receives what it is looking for.

Stephen Bienko

Owner, College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

Michelle is a tremendous facilitator. She resonates with all audiences. I think she’s a fascinating thought leader on a range of topics. She can flex up to big audiences and flex down to small groups. She can facilitate offsites, which I’ve worked with her to do, and she can lead a group of C-Suite leaders at the same time. She’s phenomenally talented. I think every time I’ve been in any kind of training with Michelle I’ve always taken stuff from the experience that I still apply.

Ravena Valentine

Vice President of Human Resources

I engaged Michelle to help my department deal with some key communication challenges. She prepared superbly by listening to what the issues were and what my expectations were. The session was interesting, fun, insightful, and ultimately extremely helpful. I strongly recommend Michelle for her expertise, delivery style, and above all, for the results she produced.

Steve Peltzman

Chief Business Technology Officer, Forrester Research

Saying Michelle was phenomenal is an understatement. Her talk was packed with both great insights and practical, meaningful tips. She’s the kind of speaker I couldn’t take my eyes off… she had an energy that not only inspired the audience during the talk, but continues to inspire us long after.

Stefanie Wichansky

Founder & CEO, Professional Resource Partners LLC

Michelle is an outstanding facilitator. She is intuitive, she very easily relates the input that she hears to the content and curriculum of the class, and she’s really sharp and engaging.I love her energy, her passion, and her ability to assess what the needs are and design programs to find solutions and address issues. She’s really great on her feet, and she’s intuitive, thoughtful, and funny.

Diana Jones Ritter

Deputy Commissioner for Organizational Development

I would use three characteristics to describe Michelle as a facilitator and communications expert: Commanding Presence, Highly Personable, and Thoroughly Prepared. She is highly engaging and can very quickly relate to a variety of situations and audiences. In tandem with these, I have found Michelle’s commitment to being prepared, and her drive to ensure an “exceed all expectations” outcome, most admirable.

Farhad Motiwalla

Principal, Strategic Communication Lab

I attended Michelle’s ‘The Relationship-Driven Leader’ one day class and found it to be well worth my time. Michelle is a very engaging and energetic presenter. She is clearly knowledgeable in her field and adapts well to the audience. Her ability and techniques for engaging the participants really kept my interest.

Terry Lorincz

Senior Manager, Safety & Operations Management System

From the minute I met Michelle, I was captivated. Often, you hear motivational speakers and leave feeling empowered but quickly forget the inspiration. I left Michelle’s talk, however, with a new perspective on the way we interact those around us. One thing I found particularly cool about Michelle was that she obviously lives the brand she represents and the results are truly magnificent.

Esther Deutsch

Operations Manager, RCS Professional Services

Thank you, Michelle for presenting at our CNJ SHRM event. The presentation was able to get me thinking on how to jump-start on making connections. Taking a different and better approach to see better results.  


Pauline Ambaza

Sr. HR Associate, Allegan

I heard Michelle’s talk at NSA CT. Her session has been informative and inspiring. She brings warmth, fun and connection. 

Aditya Guthey

Speaker and Performance Coach for Engineers , Self-Employed

I recently participated in Michelle’s Relationship Driven Leader program and was hooked from beginning to end. Michelle’s presentation of the material was enthusiastic and engaging. Our group was small and Michelle was able to lead us to communicate with one another and really explore first impressions and how we want to be perceived.

I highly recommend attending this program to learn more about yourself and how to communicate and work with the people in your circle.

Linda Wismer

Coordinator Healthcare Systems Engineering, Lehigh University

I strive to remember Michelle’s advice in new positions, and it has taken me to new places and opportunities. Thanks Michelle for the knowledge that has helped me grow and is still helping me develop. I highly recommend to anyone getting the opportunity to work with Michelle, give her a shot and prepare to implement her suggestions!

Stacie Pickens

Developer, Ameren

I love listening to a speaker who has truly defined and structured a topic to make it accessible and relatable. And you have definitely done that! Also, I loved the way you described the 3 kinds of “asks.” And I especially appreciated your sharing that “asking” is hard for you. I feel more comfortable with asking thanks to both of these things you did. 

Tara Clancy

Founder, O2 TARA President, NSACT

I attended two workshops Michelle conducted at a conference and found her instructions tremendously helpful for me to improve public speaking skills and presenting myself in professional settings. I’m already noticing differences by using her simple but powerful tips! She was highly engaging during workshops and gave insightful and individualized suggestions afterwards. Definitely recommend!

Sylvia Huo

CPA, EY Forensic and Integrity Services

I had the opportunity to sit through two of Michelle’s sessions. She was very interactive, her message was clear, and her delivery was refreshing. Networking to some seems like a chore but her take on it will change your approach, develop your understanding and elevate your mindset. There is so much I took from talk and I will encourage anyone to read her book.

Joel Nolasco

Managing Partner, NuBorn Pest Control

Michelle had a style that easily connected with our audience, the content was relevant and our folks loved her general session as well as her breakout session.



Rick Eisenman

Non-profit veteran

I just participated in a webinar put on by Michelle covering “How to get what you want” and I thought the discussion was insightful, relevant and powerful in highlighting one of the most important skills we can develop which is how we communicate and understand each other and our motivations toward action.

Brett Moore

Chief Financial Officer, McLane Group, LP

I appreciate various nuggets of wisdom she shared. She is very welcoming and inviting and I imagine others also felt included and cared about. I look forward to any other chance I get to experience her presence and witness how she organizes and communicates her experience and knowledge.

Larysa V

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

I loved Michelle’s Relationship Driven Leader course! The lessons and ideas she shared throughout the day helped me understand my own strengths and how important it is to understand the personality strengths of the people you work. Through class participation she was able to demonstrate how by adjusting your approach with certain people, personalities, you may find more success in your relationships. Michelle provided a lot of information but stressed that it is okay to start with 1 or 2 things to focus on at a time. I highly recommend the course.


Jami Bisetti Neary

Senior Manager- Cost Segregation Services, Mazars USA LLP

I attended Michelle’s “How to Get What You Want” webinar. The material was insightful, detailed and yet formulated for ease of remembering. The information I gleaned from the session has greatly improved professional relationships, even with the more difficult personalities. I highly recommend attending Michelle’s courses, and especially this course, to everyone.

Jason Berner

Program Manager, Contracting Company

Michelle’s presentation was informative, inspiring and entertaining. Her ability to connect with the entire audience is amazing. She makes everyone feel like they are a part of her presentation. Michelle is Confident, Engaging and Authentic! If you get a chance to see her speak, RUN don’t walk!

Jill Neff

Compensation & Benefits Leader

At this amazing time of infinite social media networking, Michelle Tillis Lederman, points out to a very important factor which is the quality of truly connecting. Many do not know how to really do it well to obtain good results. Her book, The Connector’s Advantage, gives you excellent tools for that purpose. 

Mercedes Henze

Realtor Associate, Beachfront Realty, Inc.

Michelle’s presentation was filled with pearls of wisdom. The room was full of attentive professional women feverishly taking notes as she offered practical advice that can be applied to both our professional and personal lives. As the employment market leans toward hiring through networking, it is important for women to take note and adapt. I would recommend Michelle for any professional conference where attendees are seeking overall growth.


Renada M. Williams, Esq.

Senior Product Analyst, AXIS Capital

I’m so inspired by the amazing speakers at the WIN Summit. Michelle Lederman’s talk about getting what you want was packed with smart, funny, and practical strategies for negotiating on your own behalf with wit, grace, and strength. Thank you, Michelle.


Beth Semaya, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at the School of Professional Studies, Columbia University

Attending Michelle’s class on Relationship Driven Leadership provided a thought-provoking opportunity to not only examine my own personality type but to also provide tools to help determine the dominant personality types of individuals with whom I interact and methods to optimize those interactions. Michelle has an in-depth understanding of the topic and uses just the right amount of student interaction to keep the classroom engaged and maximize learning.

Tony Sneska

Vice President- Marketing and Sales, USA, McINNIS Cement

The material was well organized and presented at a very good pace. This was my first experience listing to Michelle and I enjoyed the Execunet event. Keep up the great work.

Arthur Benjamin

Dexter Solutions

What a terrific speaker! Blanche Powell of Powell Kohne Associates brought Michelle to me for an annual education breakfast event engagement and I am grateful. Michelle was so personable, on stage and off, that a client thought she was part of our Visit Alexandria team. That in itself speaks volumes. She brings fresh ideas and motivation to the table and to make a room laugh first think in the morning is a testament to her ability of making true connections with an audience.

Robin D. Roane, CTE, HMCC, CMP

Culinary & Mixologist Enthusiast, Destination Sales Expert, Passionate Meetings/ Business Travel Industry Professional

I attended a one-day session with Michelle, focused on effective communication and application of the NBI personality/way of working assessment. I found Michelle very engaging, with the right balance of “by the book” hard content coupled to open prompts for participants to speak/share, and extemporaneous stories. I gained a great deal from the training, and would welcome attending another session with Michelle as facilitator.

Geoffrey Hurd

Manager, Consulting, GEP Worldwide

I attended Michelle’s presentation/webinar on “How to Get What you Want”, which covered negotiation and how to make an “ask” and the like. It was very well done and reinforced what I was already aware of. Given Michelle’s highly professional style, ease of communication, and excellent slides, I found Michelle to be an excellent presenter.

Michael Trust

Michael Trust Human Resources

Michelle’s message always get’s my full attention from start to finish. She has so many “pearls of wisdom’s” to adopt in ones, daily life balance. Your mindset will move forward and motivate you to take action. I look forward to the next publication, webinar, blog etc. The books are amazing reads.

Todd Morgan

Sales Exec: Capital, Digital Health, Middleware, Device Connectivity, EHR, Pop Health, SaaS, PaaS, Analytics AI.

Michelle is such an authentic, inspiring, wise, intelligent and enthusiastic person. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my podcast, The Talent Development Hot Seat, and loved every minute. She brings tons of value to everything she does and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Andy Storch

Consultant, Coach, Connector and Host, The Talent Development Hotseat & The Andy Storch Show

I’ve listened to many keynote speakers on many topics but Michelle’s presentation certainly stands out. Her ability to connect with the crowd and her content (for our audience, on the topic of relationships) was very capturing. I hope to see her present again soon and, in fact, I plan on selling her to my CEO to do a gig at our company meeting!

Scott Macdonald

Commercial Director, Info Tech research Group

When “master connectors” unite on their principles of connecting and likability – it has the potential to bring the whole world together. Michelle’s passion and energy around the Connector’s Advantage is what excites and energizes audiences everywhere. I believe and am in agreement with her powerful message. If you haven’t read or heard her deliver it yet…you need to do so.

Lou Diamond

International Speaker, Consultant, Master Connector & CEO, THRIVE

Michelle’s approach to engaging an audience was completely fresh, insightful, and it actually led to me making a change in behavior. She actually found a brilliant way to create impact when she showed you the behavior she wanted you to implement into your daily work routine without the audience realizing it, into her own stage presence. Look forward to “experiencing” her give a presentation again!

Calhoun Taylor

Manager, Business Development, SYNNEX

Michelle’s energy, insight and delivery of a powerful message to a room of leaders was one of the best I have ever experienced. Relating to a diverse group, Michelle tailored key themes to real life experiences. Fantastic speaker, genuine person and someone I hope to see again soon.

Michael Ciano

CIO and Technology Leader

Michelle spoke to our group of 50+ IT executives in Boston recently and did an outstanding job! She was engaging and entertaining – you should have her speak to you and your team!

Robert F. Johnson

Strategist, Marketeer, Educator, Consultant

Michelle spoke at an event we hosted and she was wonderful! She was extremely personable, and greeted attendees as they arrived during the networking portion of the evening, making everyone feel welcome. Her presentation was instructive and helpful, giving practical steps and strategies that are easily adaptable to many situations.

Meg Richard

An enthusiastic problem solver

I had the privilege to listen to Michelle speak at a Johnson and Johnson event. Her message was poignant, timely, engaging, and covered exactly what we needed to hear, based on some recent organizational events. The audience enjoyed participating, and I know they will continue to heed her inspiring words and thought-provoking advice.

Laura Westley

Senior Manager, Johnson & Johnson Technology Services

I had the pleasure of being in the audience at a session titled “How to Get What You Want: Influencing Others into Action” at Toastmaster International Convention in Chicago, Aug 2018. Michelle is a speaker who knows her audience. Being in Toastmasters and leading the organization over the last few years, I have seen very few speakers who can relate a topic to everyone around them. She has the amazing skill of bringing the basic human need of “likability” to a whole new level that changes the very way we make daily conversation.

Ravi Teja Marrapu

Assistant Manager, ADP

I had the tremendous luck to attend to one of Michelle’s session and I can only say that was one the best presentations attended. That was excellent! I could only have good insights that can be applied immediately after the session. Michelle was so good that I bought her book right after the presentation. I recommend her sessions 100%.

Marcelo Guerra Hahn

Engineering Manager, Tableau Software

Michelle is fabulous! She has an amazing ability to relate to everyone in the room. Her interactive and fun talk on networking and connecting was a huge success with many attendees staying around to talk to her. I heard many comments on how much people learned!

Blanche Powell

Powell Kohne Associates, LLC

Michelle Tillis Lederman spoke on the sometimes intimidating topic of networking – engaging all of us with unique ways to successfully connect with others by using what is most important – our unique selves! As someone who is proud of my networking skills, I had preconceived notions of how this would go, but then was thrilled with some of the great lessons shared, even a vet like me is now ready to implement! Her interactive approach was smart, fun, and hard to forget, as she allowed each of us to tap into our personal bios to creatively apply first impressions and build relationships. I highly recommend Michelle for your next speaking engagement or team building activity!

Chana Brissett

Building Relationships for Success

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle for our company’s annual Summer Celebration. This event is opened up to our business partners, clients and prospects. Michelle had something to offer for everyone and engaged with the audience throughout the entire keynote presentation. She had people laughing, brainstorming and I’m certain attendees went back to their jobs the next day with a different mind set. Thank you Michelle for making our event so spectacular! I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with you.

Megan Carpenter

Account Associate, Alliant Insurance Services

I attended a SIM Women’s seminar, “How To Get What You Want”, led by Michelle. She has a very positive presence, interacted well with all of us online through the chat function without losing a beat as she continued to share what she’s learned around getting what you want. You can tell that she is a connector by her welcoming and open nature.

Heather Brizzi

Relationship Builder, Connector, Team Builder, Women

From the second Michelle landed in Seattle, she was completely and fully engaged with our team. She went above and beyond by helping us prepare for the event by signing books in advance and attending our pre-event reception. When Michelle took the stage, she immediately connected with the audience and garnered participation out of the gate. Her down to earth style and personality was a home run. Our clients loved the practical solutions and tips for every day issues facing HR professionals nationally.

Jennifer Spence

National Director Health & Productivity, Alliant Employee Benefits

Michelle is a wonderful and kind spirit. I believe she genuinely cares for the people she talks to and has an irresistible urge to help them. She brings positive energy everywhere she goes and is generally a very “likable” person. I had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Michelle on my own speech (I never realized how negative my speech was). She is very interactive and her concepts apply to any given situation. You will not regret having her speak at your events.

Lynda Craigo

Account Associate, Alliant Insurance Services

We had a really great experience working with Michelle. She worked with our company to provide a dynamic and insightful presentation on Personal Branding for our women’s group. She was really able to get everyone engaged by making the event more of a discussion and the level of interaction served to be not only informative, but community building as well. Michelle was fantastic to work with and brought so much great energy and expertise to the event.

Tricia Burke

VP of Production Operation, Diligent

Michelle’s presentation was truly a joy to experience and be a part of. Her inclusive, approachable and inspiring nature captured the attention of everyone in the room and really opened up the floor for honest conversation. I highly recommend Michelle’s work – not only did we learn invaluable takeaways for creating our own ‘brand’, but Michelle also imparted wisdom on navigating and owning the female experience in the workplace, a very empowering sentiment felt by all.

Lena Eisenstein

Content Marketing Coordinator, Diligent Corporation

The Relationship Driven leader is a deep dive into the tools you need to succeed as a leader in today’s organizations. Michelle’s approach, based on her book, the 11 Laws of Likability takes an incredibly practical, straightforward approach on a topic that’s anything but technical. Michelle’s style, energy and content are world-class, and I feel lucky to have been a part of this movement with her at the helm.

Rebecca Rodskog

Workplace Crusader, FutureLeaderNow

Fantastic Course! Course with a lot of energy and insight. Good balance of formal course content with practical group exercises designed to give leaders of all levels insight to their existing skills as well as insight to style(s) they may not have thought of. Great course for those in leadership roles, sales roles where understanding your customer’s style is critical to success, and those in influential leadership roles.

Curtis Junge

Business Manager, Industrial gases north Region

I attended the Women In Negotiation (WIN) summit where Michelle was presenting about the power of likability and the tactics to boost one’s own. Michelle has a very unique way of getting everyone in the room involved in her presentation through her passion and energy, I loved her style!

Amani Mansour

Wealth Management, Consultative Selling

Michelle was the highlight of our university-wide staff development day. She connected with the audience, was engaging throughout, and has incredible energy. I highly recommend her.

Tokumbo Shobowale

Chief Operating Officer at The New School

Enthusiasm, a lot of energy, coming from a place of experience. I like the fact that she didn’t grow up in a training and development role. She came out of finance but found her true passion and that allowed her to really develop what she was interested in. Just to bring a different perspective and understand the differences between people. I think she brings a good knowledge base. She relates to business but also to your personal life, so it’s relevant for everyone.

Jocelyn Seals

Human Capital Practice Lead, RGP Global Consulting Firm, Talent Manager

My boss that owns my company knows Michelle and recommended that I work in that course, because he likes her style. It’s a lot of fun. She keeps it interesting, keeps you moving, keeps you challenged, and I think keeps the course moving very well. I think this is a good course. I think this would be a good course to recommend for leadership teams and organizations, to really help others understand the different right and left brained individuals. It would make meetings go more smoothly, relationships within companies would probably be better, more open and transparent.

Greg Cahell

Managing Director

Michelle is a great facilitator. This is the first time that I’ve actually seen her facilitate and have been in her class, and I’m very impressed. I’d recommend it to my clients, personally. Really anyone who can attend, especially in a corporate setting. I can think through this personally as well and how to apply this to myself and to my family.

Jodi Gross

Human Resources Manager

I first collaborated with Michelle during my time at Columbia Business School when we hired her to lead customized training for our team. I was immediately impressed by her energy, passion, knowledge and interactive facilitation style. When I decided to launch my own leadership development firm, the first person I turned to for expert advice and insight was Michelle. I consider myself truly lucky to be able to partner with such an expert. I have learned so much from Michelle as both her client and collaborator.

Loren Margolis

MSW, CPC, Leadership Development Expert, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Training & Leadership Success LLC

Michelle is incredibly dedicated, insightful, smart, hard-working and effective.

Kristina Birukova

PHR, Passionate and Innovative Human Resources Leader

Two things stand out most in my interaction with Michelle: her authenticity in communication and her contagious enthusiasm.

Dean Demellweek

MFA, Blockchain Tech Thought Leader

Michelle is a wonderful spirit who exudes genuine passion and commitment to bring out the best in each of us.

Jeff Chang SHRM-SCP

SPHR, GPHR, LMSW, LSW, RSW, Social Worker, The Fortune Society

Michelle has my utmost respect. I can personally testify that she walks her talk! I’m the president of a 501c3 nonprofit that helps transitioning troops find meaningful, high-quality new careers. I invited Michelle to connect with me and join our group. Michelle not only joined, but she has been personally volunteering her time to help our transitioning troops ace their interviews and get hired for their dream jobs! We absolutely LOVE her!

Nancy Laine

US Veteran Advocate, Project Transition USA

I am personally impressed with Michelle and her inspiring and engaging leadership speeches. Michelle is a gifted business storyteller and casts a spell on the audience with an engaging, insightful delivery. Michelle captures the interest of her audience and her words resonate with all listening. I love her work and would recommend Michelle for all business forums. 

Kevin Sansome

MBA (MBS) , BEng, ACG, VC5

Michelle is a dynamic speaker who really understands the dynamics of culture but more importantly the value of relationships and how they can help take leaders to the next level. I would recommend all senior leaders get a copy of her book and read it. I am certain her 11 laws of likability will serve me well in my advancing career.

Kevin Kraft

Programs Director, SIM Minnesota Chapter

Michelle was a gracious and enthusiastic interviewee, teaching the principles and importance of likability in relationships. In her book, Michelle shares the 11 Laws of Likability and how you can leverage your network to greater success by being someone people know, LIKE and trust. I loved this book and highly recommend it and Michelle.

Adele McLay

Business Growth Expert, Peak Performance Mentor

Michelle Lederman is a true professional. She works diligently and successfully on sourcing amazing projects for herself and so many worthy collaborators. I am fortunate to be invited in and supported by Michelle in a numbers of ways as one of her team members. She has been consistent, generous, thorough and kind and is sure to keep good relations with a large network. To say that I am impressed with who she is and what she creates in the world would be an understatement.

Lynnea Brinkerhoff

MSOD,PCC, Executive Coach, Organizational Change Consultant, Leadership Development Expert, HR Visionary, Cultural Strategist

Michelle is one of the best communicators I have met. She does not only give thought through, energetic and informative presentations on this topic, but also transfers her knowledge to her everyday professional interactions, being a very transparent, giving and pleasant person to work with.

Maja Svensson

Fashion Entrepreneur & Founder, ELSA AND ME

Michelle is a pleasure to work with! She is creative and ‘quick with ideas.’ She is also extremely focused and motivated. Michelle is a great source of inspiration.

Emily (Kozlow) Klein

Freelance Magazine Writer, Personal Essay Writer, Business Copywriter

Michelle is great to work with and always focuses on serving her clients in the best way possible.

Abigail Kies

Assistant Dean, Career Development

Michelle is an expert in both technical and interpersonal skills and she uses that knowledge to help AMA customers acquire skills they can apply back on the job. She focuses on turning theory into pragmatic applications. Michelle is someone I have recommended for large corporate client opportunities that involve program customization because I trust her as a skilled facilitator and subject matter expert.

Annette Homan

CAE, Chief Operating Officer, RIMS

The webinar was very informative and understandable. Material was presented in a clear, at times conversational way. Wasn’t sure what to expect going in, and found it very worthwhile.

Jason Kessler

Pediatrician, Medical Director, Educator, Health Care Consultant

I have seen Michelle demonstrate great flexibility and generosity. She’s flexible enough to respond to client needs and generous with her time and her input. I highly recommend working with Michelle if you get the chance!

Tim Redmond

Professional Training & Development Consultant

Michelle was an excellent partner as engagement manager on a couple of projects on which I collaborated. She has great insight into what it takes to deliver excellence to her clients. Her communication style is clear and direct and her knowledge base is very broad. I would refer her to my own clients and colleagues with full confidence.

Lori Britt

Senior VP, Major Oak Consulting

I was fortunate enough to have Michelle as a professor while in the MBA program at NYU Stern. Beyond her instantly approachable personality and flexibility in adapting to the communications needs of professionals, what struck me about Michelle was her ability to drive results. Each student in the course showed tremendous improvement and was better off having benefited from Michelle’s leadership.

Fahad Khawaja

Marketing Leader, Human Performance Institute at Johnson & Johnson

Michelle is a very insightful person, who reads people and situations extremely well. Her teaching methods and abilities keep people interested, while consistently provoking discussion from the class. Everyone I’ve spoken to has only positive things to say about their experiences with what can often be a rather tedious class. She has a knack for attracting people’s attention and keeping it no matter the length of the presentation.

Uri Burger

Director of Corporate Development, Morningside Evaluations and SpanTran

Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to professional development coaching, regardless of a client’s degree of experience or position within a company. Her advice is practical, business-oriented and immediately applicable.

Richard Konrath

General Counsel

Michelle’s high energy, enthusiasm, and quality program content were exactly what we needed to kick off our event. We are grateful to have learned so much from her style, insights, and professional tips

Julia Sterrett Ammary

Director, Athletics Leadership Development

Michelle Tillis Lederman gave a spectacular keynote presentation. She was approachable, outgoing, and her message was poignant. After shadowing her for the day, I learned valuable lessons about communication, professional development, and networking.

Julia Perry

Student Athlete

Michelle Lederman presented an amazing webinar about Networking for SIM Women. Despite being someone who teaches interpersonal skills myself, I gained a much deeper appreciation of the process of networking from Michelle’s webinar. I highly recommend her as a speaker; her webinar transformed my mental model of networking.

Jana Markowitz

Principal Consultant

I just finished participating in the 11 Laws of Likability pilot program. Michelle’s course was engaging, inspiring and useful. I highly recommend this course if you want to develop your self awareness, acquire skills to interact with others more effectively and build a network that is mutually beneficial. Michelle is dynamic, energetic and insightful.

Peggy Pascale

Learning and Development

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle when she ran a day-long public speaking workshop for Marist’s women’s mentoring group. She did an amazing job and kept us engaged the entire day. The workshop was highly interactive and provided a wealth of practical advice and takeaways. Michelle is organized, professional, engaging, and knowledgeable, and she can customize each workshop to a group’s particular needs and interests.

Elisabeth Tavarez

Assistant Vice President, College Marketing and Communication

Michelle’s approach to doing webinar is very effective. She interacts with her audience, engaging via quick polls and questions to get feedback or get people to share their experiences.

Laura Melchor McCanlies

Technology Leader

Michelle led a great presentation at our recent SIM meeting–she was interesting and dynamic. Michelle engaged the entire audience by breaking us into working groups, soliciting our input, and tying it into her presentation content. She is a highly active presenter, who kept us entertained throughout!

Ted Bredikin

Senior Director Program Management, UnitedHealth Group

Michelle was very comfortable with the group. She was funny, interesting and interactive. The group quickly got comfortable and participated in an active discussion and got some very helpful tips under Michelle’s expert facilitation.

Steven Lichtenthal

Managing Director, Head of Americas Operations, Natixis

Michelle Tillis Lederman was terrific, and her advice on interviewing was right on the mark.

Danielle Laibowitz

President & Co-Founder, Southampton Education Foundation

Michelle spoke at Kean University and as a student preparing to go out into the world, her speech on the 11 Laws of Likability was really informative. Michelle is a very confident speaker and speaks in a way that her audience is really intrigued.

Jennifer Finley


Her comfort in who she is, coupled with her dynamic personality and precise communication style, have always made Michelle stand out as a leader in every room she enters. She is undoubtedly a subject matter expert in her field of communication. However, her value is best experienced through her ability to use her instincts, life experience, and deep understanding of the corporate environment to create very real and relevant outcomes.

Farhad Motiwalla

Principal, Strategic Communication Lab

She was a fantastic speaker at my bubble2boardroom professional development event for recent college grads and was both eloquent and entertaining.

Dani TicktinKoplik

Executive, Leadership, Pipeline & Succession Coach Specializing in Professional Service

The Maryland Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators just invited a fabulous speaker in to our February Annual meeting. Michelle Tillis Lederman spoke about leadership and YOU, your brand as a leader in your organization. She was excellent and different. She demonstrated various leadership techniques. The session was very interactive. I would highly recommend any corporation or association consider bringing in Michelle Tillis Lederman.

Ruth Fry

Office Manager, Saul Ewing Arnstein& Lehr LLP; Dann, LLP

Michelle did an outstanding job of addressing the specifics we requested and accomplished that in a very engaging and energetic manner. The analysis of personality types and their effect on sales opportunities was especially helpful.

Robin Bloom

Vice President, Bank Hapoalim

Michelle’s teaching style is very engaging. She is a dynamic speaker and keeps your attention focused throughout a full day of training. While many may think this is touchy feely stuff, Michelle brings it around to how interactions happen in the workplace and how personality types respond to different approaches.

Ralph Bohnenberger

Facilities Finance Business and Contract Manager

Michelle is a fun and dynamic speaker who’s calm confidence and playful spirit make her 11 LAWS OF LIKABILITY presentation believable and valuable for any professional wanting to learn to make authentic business and personal connections with others.

Paula Parker

Wellness Chiropractor, Inspiration Chiropractic Studio

Michelle did a webinar on Relationship Networking for executive MBA’s. She engaged with the audience, created interaction, and delivered with energy. Michelle’s presentation was rated one of the best in Beyond B-School’s Career Skills Boot Camp.

Roy Young

E-Learning Entrepreneur, Beyond B-School

I was impressed with Michelle’s ability to completely engage an audience of 100+ as if it were a small graduate seminar. I strongly recommend her to any organization in need of an expert on branding and networking.

Jurica Susnjara

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Finance, Kean University

As a 25 year veteran Sales Professional, I found Michelle’s presentation and advice to be practical and immediately actionable. She set the audience at ease and held the attention of the room in a warm, yet direct, informative manner. I highly recommend Michelle’s program to help you and your employees better understand and execute the art and science of professional networking.

Steve Dudley

Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development

I recently attended a conference where Michelle was a keynote speaker, and I found Michelle to be energetic, motivating and full of inspiration. A lot of what Michelle delivered resonated with my thinking on building relationships and connections to get the very best from your team and yourself. I would highly recommend attending any session with Michelle should the opportunity arise.

Helen Devlin

General Manager, The North Star Hotel

Michelle gave an outstanding and informative presentation on Conflict Management to the Society of Information Management (SIM), Philadelphia Chapter. She shared valuable information that all of us can use in both our professional and personal lives, and her presentation style, insight, and wisdom kept our audience entirely engaged. I highly recommend Michelle!

Grace Schuler

President, Schuler Consultants, Inc.

Michelle is a dynamic speaker, engaging the audience. I left the meeting looking forward to monitoring how I handle conflict in my work environment. I hope to implement some of her tools.

Dennis Hanifan

Vice President, Application Systems

I recently attended a conference where Michelle was a keynote speaker and I found Michelle to be energetic, motivating and full of inspiration. Michelle presents clearly, engagingly, and humorously, providing the audience with practical and beneficial approaches to communicating better. Her message of building relationships and connections to get the very best from your team and yourself truly resonated. I would highly recommend attending any session with Michelle should the opportunity arise.

Laura Eppler

Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern PA

Michelle recently came in and spoke to our entire HR team here at MSG for a communication/team building session. As a speaker, Michelle was very engaging and extremely knowledgeable about what she was speaking about. The content was relevant to our everyday lives as people-not just at work. This made it easy to connect and be engaged throughout the time we spent together.

Andrew Jones


The concepts from The 11 Laws of Likability were fresh, practical, and compelling.

Tom Dowd

Associate Director

Michelle is a dynamic speaker and a researcher with insight into the human interaction side of business and its relationship to the new world of social media.

Evan Bauer

Transformational IT Executive, Architect, and Consultant

Michelle is the most engaging communicator that I have had the privilege to watch present and to speak with. She has the skills of listening to what is being asked or said, analyzing, and being a phenomenal motivator to anyone, whether it be for an individual or for an entire team.

Cassandra Ondich

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, VML

Michelle is an energetic and highly engaging speaker! She is great at bringing together very large groups of diverse professionals in a setting that invites candid conversations about communication styles and work habits in a non-threatening manner.

Meg Cline

Vice President for Gift Planning and Trust Services

Michelle is a dynamic speaker who has a fantastic sense of humor and great delivery, and she captured the room for an hour and a half. Since seeing her speak, I have checked out her blog and videos. She is a communication expert in every way, and I just wanted to share with others how much she impressed me!

Wendy Bolton

Former Managing Director, JMP Group LLC

When I hire Michelle to teach communications modules in the Rutgers Mini-MBA programs, I love to watch as she engages each and every person in the room. She is always able to adapt the content to the audience. In a recent program, she addressed physical aspects of communications with people transitioning from military to business careers. It was exactly what they needed in order to appropriately express non-verbals in a civilian setting. Needless to say, they were among the many to applaud her style and content. Big fan of Michelle Tillis Lederman!

Margaret O’Donnell

Manager of Military and Veteran Engagement Programs, Rutgers Business School

Michelle was awesome as keynote speaker for our annual Staff Development Day. Engaging, exciting, informative.

Jerry Cutler

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, New School

Michelle is a natural, she quickly engages the crowd, picks up on audience needs and gets powerful messages across in a humble, smart way. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle for any keynote, training or coaching. A true gem. She left us wanting more!

Ilana Tolpin Levitt

Results Oriented Career Counselor, HR Professional

The content and style of Michelle’s presentation was most appropriate and [her] ability to connect with her audience really drove home her messaging. Her bubbly and most pleasing disposition made it so easy to work with her!

Joseph Dolan

Managing Director, BUSH HOTEL

Michelle Lederman is an inspirational writer and speaker. I had the pleasure of attending one of Michelle’s speakings at a Lehigh University Alumni event and was able to absorb more than enough information and energy from her talk to develop a career interest of my own in coaching and mentoring.

Anthony Louis

Associate, Vaco New York

Michelle is amazing! She was a great speaker for my mentorship group. Her assessment of our group, as individuals and as the collective, was insightful, funny and thought-provoking

Ticora V. Jones

Acting Director, Center for Development Research

Michelle is very personable and made sure to connect with each member of the audience on a first name basis. Her suggestions to the group were based on real life examples she had experienced.

Tony Calabrese

Job Search Strategy Coach

Michelle was a fabulous presenter for the Mothers Work initiative provided by Mothers & More. Her message aligned with the content focus of the initiative while adding another set of tools and perspective to the program. I am delighted to recommend Michelle Tillis Lederman as a speaker.

Michelle Aikman

Building a Better Tomorrow, Speaker, STEM & Military Community Advocate

Michelle was engaging and inspiring, and I would definitely recommend her as a speaker for your future event.

Morag Barrett

Author, AMA, &

Michelle is professional, knowledgeable and engaging.

Susan Zeidman

Managing Director, Learning and Development

Michelle as a facilitator is dynamic, fun, exciting. It’s easy to listen to her and sort of follow what she’s presenting. She really engages the whole group. At every point she’s drawing people in from around the room.I would recommend this to anybody. Anybody in a business setting could benefit from the skills and tools that were being taught here. I’m in the process of starting a business so this is giving me a lot of information for things to think about as I launch my new business.

Julie Murphy

Senior Consultant

Everyone loved Michelle — I’m getting really good feedback about her talk…and women are responding that they have already implemented her tips.

Jan Dahms

Founder, 6 Figures Women

Michelle immediately lit up the room with her energy and ability to connect and relate with the audience. She’s an outstanding balance of motivation, empathy and professionalism.

Michael Malone

Associate Dean, Columbia Business School

Michelle was energetic and informative. She put humor into her presentation and kept us involved as an audience.

Aida Visakay

CFP, CEO, CEO, AxisPointe, LLC

Michelle brings unmatched energy and expertise to her work. She is an inspired speaker with invaluable insight that translates into practical, actionable steps.

Hilary Gilford

Brand Development, Non-Profit

I saw Michelle as a keynote speaker at the Society for Information Management’s yearly conference. Michelle was engaging, well-spoken and easy to listen to.

Leslee A. Cook

Program Manager Director, Network & Provider Integration

Michelle is a dynamic and engaging speaker who made the session fun, practical, and interactive. She brings a lot of energy to her work and is able to customize the program to her audience. Michelle’s workshop got fantastic reviews from attendees, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Elisabeth Tavarez

Special Assistant to the President, Marist College

I’ve had the good fortune to hear Michelle deliver workshops several times, and I find her to be a compelling and engaging speaker. She relates to her audience and makes her points clearly and persuasively, leaving the audience with actionable takeaways. I look forward to future opportunities to hear her speak!

Karen Rubin

Managing Director, Talking Talent

Michelle is bright, engaging, and professional, eager to know about her audience to carefully craft the training to the skill levels in the room. She asked thoughtful questions, and she provided lots of material, providing the attendees with valuable tools to implement immediately. Michelle stayed well past her presentation time to answer questions, showing investment and passion for her work. The feedback I received from the participants reflected how much they enjoyed Michelle’s warm, engaging, and fun approach to the session. Michelle was expertly able to relate to many personalities and shift gears to keep the material interesting and relevant.

Kara Van Norden


If you do any public speaking then you will instantly see Michelle as a role model. Her style is warm and engaging, and while fast paced, never rushed. As an audience member, I was plugged-in from the beginning to the end, and certainly could have listened much longer. But it’s not just about style. The subject clearly matters to Michelle, and I immediately gained an appreciation of how important it is to me. I’m already applying some of the techniques she taught us.

David Roden

Director Of Technology, Goodell DeVries Leech & Dann, LLP

Michelle has a wonderfully strong presence and dynamic and motivating presentation style. Her talk generated LOTS of positive feedback from the students. They felt that she understood them and that she offered sound, practical advice and strategies on a topic that can evoke discomfort and anxiety. Her lilting personality made for a most pleasant and comfortable presentation. She does excellent work.

Lynn D’Angelo-Bello

Higher Ed. Professional and Instructional Designer, Lehigh University

Michelle has a gift of grasping the audience’s attention and truly connecting with them. I’m sure people present that evening will continue to remember her throughout the years for the same reasons I have. It was truly a pleasure working with Michelle. I hope you get the opportunity to work with her and experience her talent and her authenticity!

Siovonne Persaud

Vice President - Global Finance Operations, Natixis

Michelle is an interesting, engaging and thought-provoking speaker, and we have invited her to multiple events for our organization. We are a group of senior IT leaders, and it is great to find a topic and a speaker that connects with our most senior people as well as our aspiring future leaders.

Steve Hufford

Chief Executive, Society for Information Management

Michelle was a dynamic, knowledgeable and captivating speaker. She is wonderful to work with and while around her, you just can’t help but smile.

Nina DiFrancisco

VP of Business Development, Premier Event Management

Michelle was wonderful to work with and delivered results in a short space of time. Finding the right balance between easy to get on with and challenging made our conversations enjoyable and effective. She has helped me to see the world and people around me differently, enabling me to network more effectively and take control of my career.

Matt Kinnaird

Global Category Leader of Enterprise Facility Services, Johnson & Johnson

Michelle brings an authenticity and passion to every interaction, whether coaching, public speaking or being the guiding hand on a project. Michelle has helped me to see a path to the doors of opportunities and possibilities that seemed far from my reach. She helped me to realize just how reachable they are.

Allan Goldberg

Global Head of Talent, Gartner

Wow! I was blown away by Michelle’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion as she delivered her message. If you are looking for an expert when it comes to networking, interviewing, and practical workplace training, look no further. I highly recommend Michelle for any of your workshop, leadership, or training needs. She is dynamite!

Natasha Adamoy

President, Adamoy & Associates

Michelle is a true force to be reckoned with; her energy, passion and intelligence shine through in her programs. She is a confident facilitator who consistently engages her audience and clearly practices what she preaches. I have found her insights to be spot on and would highly recommend this program to any manager or leader that is looking to expand their reach.

Abby Katoni

Director of HR, G&W Laboratories

From the moment she stepped on stage, she was engaging and charming. She translated her knowledge of personality types into leadership skills that can be used to connect with others and navigate difficult situations. She used humor and everyday situations to demonstrate her points. Fantastic!

Risa Fogel

Global Head IT Strategy and Planning, Bayer

A powerhouse of a presenter who is as approachable as she is knowledgeable, Michelle makes a memorable dent in her audience drawing people in, peaking their curiosity, and advancing their skills and self-awareness. Hours feel like minutes and the takeaways keep on giving. An uber professional, I would hire, recommend, and take a workshop from Ms. Lederman in a New York nano-second.

Robin Diller Torres

Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Leadership, Marist College

What a powerhouse Michelle is. From the point I walked into the room and shook hands with her until I left I couldn’t stop listening. I appreciated her wit and humor, it was like listening to a friend. I highly recommend her if you are looking to inject energy and purpose into your organization!

Rupa Kale

Owner, Bottle & Bottega

I truly enjoyed meeting Michelle and loved the interactive nature of her presentation. I have several takeaways from the presentation. I cannot wait to give my daughter the book she signed for her!

Robyn Seabrease

Human Resources Director, Gordon Feinblatt

Michelle has a knack for presenting complex information in an easily digestible way. I learned a great deal about my behavior and how it contributes to how I am perceived, as well as how to relate to persons with different operating styles. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in upgrading their personal brand. My coworkers and I couldn’t stop talking about how much we enjoyed the workshop.

Alberto Dominguez

Personnel Officer, Global Ministries

Michelle handled a demanding audience of CEO’s, CIO’s, and Fund Managers with energy, humor, professionalism, and spontaneity… The talk was absolutely great!

Frank Fanzilli

Former Managing Director & Global Chief Information Officer, Credit Suisse

Michelle is a dynamic speaker who is not only a subject matter expert in her field, but also who presents to a roomful of strangers as though she’s talking to a group of friends, while maintaining her professionalism.

Amy Bell

IT Solutions Manager, Crum & Forster

Michelle is exciting. I want to be Michelle. Just so much energy and really positive.Right off the bat, the authenticity piece and the self image. The two together because it says, “I can start from a place of strength and then work at how to develop relationships with others.” But starting from a place of strength, what does authenticity mean to me? What feels good to me? That’s a wonderful place to start.

Martisha Dwyer

Reverend, Trauma Chaplain

I walked out of Michelle’s class a much more self aware, observant and confident communicator. She approaches the subject with great energy and experience.

Stephen Wright

Managing Director, Risk at Neuberger Berman

I had the pleasure to hear Ms. Tillis Lederman speak at the 2018 International Toastmasters Convention in Chicago in August. Her speech was entitled “Influencing People.” She gave the toastmaster audience (compiled of professional public speakers and leadership/communication enthusiasts from 111 different countries) a wonderful hour-long speech after which she received a standing ovation. Her message was clear yet thought-provoking. I’ve been thinking about the “have to/should do” and “asking the right way” portions of her speech since having heard it. She is approachable and passionate about improving others’ lives and would be an asset to any company that is considering having her speak.

Deborah Thomson


Michelle is an outstanding teacher and coach who provides ongoing one-on-one coaching services to faculty and PhD students including class observation, advice, and counsel in the areas of pre-term planning, within-term problem management and opportunity development, and classroom presence coaching. She has always received outstanding feedback and I enthusiastically recommend her.

Ian Stewart

Director of Faculty Development, NYU Stern School of Business

I recently attended a round table led by Michelle and it was wonderful! I was so engaged that I took several pages of notes. Her style is perfect. We all participated during the round table, not because we were forced to do so, but because we were asked intriguing questions and wanted to respond. She connected with each of us on a personal and professional level. She is definitely a relationship driven leader and the knowledge she shared was invaluable.

Theresa W

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | WWD 2023 Most Inspirational Leader | As seen in Forbes | Keynote Speaker | Chief Member | Available for Board Seat

Very personable speaker and an excellent source of guidance for those just entering the world of work.

Gabriela C.

International Sales | Global Business

I appreciate the time Michelle spent with us providing expert guidance on managing for excellence. Michelle’s programs were eye opening, and the information [she] presented was received with an extreme positive impact; it was a most memorable experience.

Mark Klein


I was thrilled to participate in a webinar given by Michelle about Networking for Women. The most important takeaway for me personally was her eloquent explanation and underscore of the difference between the old limited model of business networking vs. the more energetically aligned relationship networking. Great presentation.

Rachael Hubbard

Information Technology Professional

Hire Michelle Lederman if you want customized, personalized, interactive sessions delivered with energy, knowledge and passion.

Yuval Berger

Director of Trading, Hapoalim Securities

I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the session, including several “oh my gosh, THAT’S WHY we don’t get along/can’t get anything done” types of comments. For my part, I can say unequivocally that it was everything I’d hoped for and much more. It felt like the right mix of listening and activities, and there was a ton of good content and instruction.

Rozlyn Rader

Controller, Signature Theater

Michelle was awesome! I learned more and took away more from Michelle in a half day than I did in any other class.

Rosemary Rizzo

Scheduling Manager, Whitlock Packaging Corporation

I met Michelle at a professional conference where she presented a piece on public speaking and professional communication. I found her to not only be knowledgeable and articulate, but very approachable. Her passion for her craft shines through, and her genuine interest in the success of others is undeniable. When I think of professional communication, I think of Michelle Tillis Lederman. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to polish their communication skills and professional image.

Management Consultant

Underwriting and Client Account Management, Business Consultations