Are you trying too hard?

I’m coaching a leader right now who is probably the smartest person in every room she walks into. She is so dedicated, she feels that if she doesn’t offer some

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Martin Luther King Jr.

The Number One Quality of a Great Leader

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, I thought it would be fitting to talk about a piece I did for Newsweek. They asked me to comment on the question: What

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How To Offer Unsolicited Feedback

There have been many times people have come up to me after a talk to tell me what they got out of it, how much the content resonated and every

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Reconnecting when its been too long

“Timing is everything” is a quote for a reason. And at the same time, I have been quoted saying, “give it time, things happen.”   Some of the most frequent

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Give your couch a break!

Is anyone else struggling with the abundance of post Covid in person invitations? Clearly, I got used to my perfectly indented couch cushion. Though I immediately RSVP’d yes when I

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Forget quiet quitting try collaborative quitting

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about quiet quitting, but what about collaborative quitting? Something I always say is…   “If you’re not happy at your job, don’t blame

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3 tips to stand out at the holiday party (in a good way)

It is nice to be known for something and stand out from the crowd. As long as it is for a good thing! As for me, so far, so good

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What drives happiness?

Continuing on my theme of quotes inspiring my newsletters, the quote this week is, “All I need to do is be happy.”  I don’t remember where or who I heard

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How do you react to the term “feminine values”?

I just finished listening to a book called Conscious Capitalism. It was written in part by the CEO and founder of Whole Foods. One of the things that caught my attention

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