Time – you’re not doing it right

To fill out the rest of the story we have to make sure the tasks we’re doing are getting us to the goals we’ve set. What if something you think

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It’s possible to find more time

Let’s talk about how you already have all the time you need, it just doesn’t feel like it. For many reasons, the pressure to get things done on time leads us to

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Keep it simple…and sticky

A newsletter I wrote before the sky fell, enjoy… It’s New Years Resolution season! Do you struggle with sticking to your goals? In a recent call with a speakers group that

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Networking

2020 is over! Whoop, whoop! Although we are not yet out of the uncertain impact of the past challenging year, I enter 2021 with hope. I have hope of making

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Woman using Social Media on her Phone.
Woman using her phone for social media

How To Get a Handle on Social Media

We need to focus on how to get a handle on social media. People often ask me what I think about social media. I’ll tell you what I think: it’s

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Tips for Connected Leadership

Tips for Connected Leadership and a “Small World” Moment

Leadership comes with a plethora of responsibilities – instigating ideas, putting out fires, delegating, building a team, keeping that team running smoothly. Sometimes, getting caught up in the to-dos of

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The Season to Connect - Notepad

‘Tis the season to connect!

With the holiday season comes the holiday parties – but probably not this year. It is still a time of joy, celebration, reflection and gratitude. So how can you keep

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What you should ask yourself every day

What better time than Thanksgiving to reflect on what you’re grateful for? This tradition of giving thanks is one that I believe should be a part of everyday life –

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THIS made me think… and smile

It has been a tough 2020. I don’t need to list the reasons why – you all are experiencing this challenging time. No matter where you are from. Throughout this

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