How Will You Respond to the Pandemic?

Years ago I was on my way to deliver a talk for the Columbia Women in Business Conference. It was a brand new talk I created for them. On the

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How Are You Creating Fireworks This Year?

July 4th is just a few days away. Time for a BBQ and fireworks… well, sort of. Life is reemerging, just differently. Celebrations are resuming, just creatively. That’s what we

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Best Low Tech Tip for Connecting

Finally the weather is getting a little better in New Jersey. As a result, we are walking the streets more and just being outside of our houses a little more.

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Why You Need to Ask Yourself These Four Questions

I have been personally reflecting a lot on the conversation about equality and how I can support the current social movement. I have also been taking a hard look at

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hand holding up protest sign

This is What We Need Now

I originally wrote this mid-May in the heat of the Pandemic and before the murder of George Floyd. Though in the past, I have always tried to remain non-political –

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person sitting on the edge of a cliff

What is Fear Holding You Back From?

Fear is in the front of everyone’s minds right now. It is natural and logical to have some fear. Fear can keep us from making some stupid decisions. It can

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we are all in this together written in chalk

Do You Agree With This Definition of Service?

Memorial Day is a holiday to remember and honor those who lost their lives in service. In this time of constant loss of life, I have been thinking about an

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man writing at laptop

Is Now the Right Time?

We are all rethinking how we work, specifically remotely and safely. At the same time, we are thinking about how we can still make a difference, have an impact, and

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flower with "love" in it

Ideas to Creatively Connect and Celebrate

It’s May! Man, how time flies when there’s a pandemic consuming your thoughts and throwing your routine out of wack. This month brings not only Mother’s Day (yay me!) but

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