Nail the Interview, Land the Job

A Step-by-Step Guide for What To Do Before, During and After the Interview

In today’s competitive job market, securing a job can be more fraught and arduous than ever. But here’s the truth: Nailing the interview is the most pivotal step in convincing any potential employer that you’re unequivocally the right candidate. And the power to do so is in your hands.Nail the Interview, Land the Job reveals exactly what you need to do to shine during the interview process and set yourself apart from the crowd.

From detailed preparations to following up once the interview is through, chapter by chapter the book drills down into every step along the path, including:

  • Increasing confidence and getting in the right frame of mind
  • Knowing exactly what to wear and what to bring with you
  • Making the best first impression and instantly connecting
  • Relating previous experiences to the position your seeking
  • Navigating difficult questions
  • Determining what to ask and not to ask during the interview
  • Sealing the deal at the end of the process

Bonus sections provide an in-depth look at leveraging resources such as career fairs, career coaches, and headhunters, plus a soup-to-nuts interview checklist and information about unconventional interviews.

Michelle as an Author

Michelle has written several books that truly help people work better together. From getting the job you want in Nail the Interview, Land the Job and Heroes Get Hired to continuing to build your network in The 11 Laws of Likability and The Connector’s Advantage. Michelle provides the resources to further your success. Featuring real-life anecdotes, activities and self-assessments, her books are easily actionable and perfect for anyone at any level of an organization.

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Targeted help for:

New graduates, returning parents, older applicants and the involuntarily unemployed, Nail the Interview, Land the Job is a crucial tool for people at any stage in their careers, and will teach you how to master the intimidating interview process and secure the position you’re seeking. Get the job first — then decide if you want it. It’s all about nailing the interview.

A popular talk for university audiences, in an interactive program Michelle reveals exactly what you need to do to shine during the interview process, set yourself apart from the crowd, and establish yourself as a star before you walk in the door.

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I wish Michelle’s book was a prerequisite for ALL our candidates. This book is not only guaranteed to help candidates excel in the interview, it will also teach the interviewer a thing or two!

Lisa Nadler, Head of Human Resources
Madison Square Garden

Nail the Interview, Land the Job is a must-read for anyone in the market for a job or a job change.”

Jan Fox Television journalist
Four-time Emmy Award Winner

Michelle Tillis Lederman provides a wealth of information to help individuals successfully navigate the often stressful task of interviewing for a job. The insightful tips and resources will help new graduates land their first job, as well as seasoned workers who are back in the market.”

Bill Castellano, Ph.D. Associate Dean
Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations

I first learned of Michelle’s book on a podcast. She literally changed my whole outlook on how to interview for jobs. I was in the middle of a major transition in my life and her advice on nailing an interview is what I know landed me my current role that I love. This is a game changing book and a must read for anyone job hunting right now.

Rebecca Lynn Schade

Michelle Lederman NAILS it with her spot on advice about the interview process! Especially when she covers the unique challenges that returning moms have when reentering the workforce and how to handle those issues. Thank-you Michelle, for not just knowing what women want, but what they need!

Judy Goss TV / Radio Show Host of What Women Want