The Problem

  • $11 Billion is Lost Annually Due to Employee Turnover (~ Bloomberg BNA)
  • Employee Disengagement Costs More than $500 Billion per year (~ Gallup)
  • 56% of Employers Report Difficulty Retaining Top Talent (~ Towers Watson)
  • #1 Reason Employees Leave… Their Boss (~ Payscale)

The Solution:

  • Become a Relationship Driven Leader


Bring this Intimate, Immersive Workshop Experience to your leaders. With Leadership and Communication Expert, Executive Coach and Best Selling Author Michelle Tillis Lederman. Available as a keynote, half day breakout, and full one or two day training.

RDL Curriculum

The Relationship Driven Leader has been approved for 12 (General) re-certification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR re-certification through the HR Certification Institute.

This Program Is Perfect for Anyone Who Works with Other People

Anyone who desires quality relationships to build successful teams, partnerships, collaborations, organizations and businesses, will benefit from The Relationship Driven Leader. This program is for individuals in all types of roles including employees, managers, leaders, executives, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs. Best departments include business development, sales, marketing, customer service, and human resources.

What You Will Learn

  • Build trust to improve productivity, morale, loyalty and retention
  • Improve collaboration, reduce conflict and increase your influence
  • Lead with confidence and authenticity
  • Improve listening and flexibility
  • Communicate effectively with different personality types
  • Create a personal brand that boosts your visibility and impact
  • Excel in making new and lasting connections
  • Make a strong, positive first impression
  • Add value to your network and stay top of mind

Pre-Program Assessment

  • Online Assessment of thinking preferences
  • Affects information analysis, communication and decision making
  • Coaching and exercises to work with four styles of thinkers/communicators

Program Curriculum Day 1

  • How to lay the cornerstone for mutual understanding, connection and growth
  • The real you is the best you
  • The most powerful tool for forming real relationships
  • How to project the best parts of your true self
  • Develop your personal brand
  • You have to like You first
  • How to make the best first impression
  • Improve how others perceive you
  • Take control of body language, verbal and vocal tools, online presence
  • Review results from NBI Assessment, understanding and working with the four styles
  • How to become more conscious of the energy you transmit
  • Awareness of the energy others transmit
  • Increasing emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Four options to transform challenges into productive energy

Program Curriculum Day 2

  • How to open a dialogue and begin a connection
  • Uncover commonalities to build a relationship
  • Open versus close ended questions and probing questions to go deeper
  • How to listen more effectively to become more influential
  • The three levels of listening
  • Tips to improve listening and mistakes to avoid
  • How uncovering similarities helps build trust
  • Mirroring through body language
  • Moving past differences to find similarities and common ground
  • How to shape mood memory to build influence and impact
  • The interconnection of self-image, perception and energy
  • Tactics to leave lasting positive impressions
  • How to continue building connections after an interaction
  • Familiarity strengthens comfort level, trust and connections
  • Tactics, tools and technology to keep you front of mind and build familiarity
  • How giving creates value in relationships
  • Keep giving and asking separate, process is not quid pro quo
  • Ways to give that are easy and valuable for both parties
  • How to use patience with ourselves and others to produce results
  • Relationship building is not linear
  • Developing trust over time, playing the long game