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Research studies consistently reveal that people prefer to do business with, hire, buy from and work with people they like. Yet the desire to be liked is often minimized and even mocked in its importance in business. Discover how authenticity in our interactions, adopting a giving approach and finding common ground are the foundation for boosting your likability. The highest levels of achievement come to those who mix expertise with likability.

When you are liked, you are listened to and viewed as trustworthy and credible. In this talk Michelle explains how to leverage the Laws of Likability and the mindsets of a Connector resulting in more business, more influence, and a more engaged team.

Perfect For:
Business Development, Entrepreneurs, and Relationship Building

What You Will Learn

  • Understand why likability matters in business
  • Increase your authenticity and productive energy in interactions
  • Discover how to find common ground with almost anyone
  • Learn multiple ways to add value to your network
  • Connect in conversation and deal with difficult personalities

Be Ready with Your Own Copy of the 11 Laws

The book, featuring activities, self-assessment quizzes, and real-life anecdotes from professional and social settings, shows readers how to identify what’s likable in themselves and create honest, authentic interactions that become “wins” for all parties involved.

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About Michelle

Michelle is most frequently described as an energetic, interactive, and engaging speaker. Approachable and easy to understand, she takes complex concepts and makes them simple and accessible to all audiences. Her breakout sessions are highly interactive and leave audiences empowered to implement new skills back on the job. Whether a keynote or breakout, Michelle can customize sessions to fit your audience. Any keynote topic can be converted into an experiential breakout session. 

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