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Thinking Preferences Assessment

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Missed the coaching package? It’s not too late!

Have a certified coach explain your assessment results. Discuss how your style may impact your teamwork, productivity, collaborations, and career path. Develop an action plan to begin to address your workplace challenges and development goals. Sessions are 50 minutes and held on the phone or via Skype. Through the TPA and coaching, people are able to:

  • Develop better relationships
  • Make more dynamic contributions in a team context
  • Communicate more effectively and with less conflict
  • Influence group decisions
  • Determine career paths for success
  • Align your profession or field of study with your natural preferences
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Enhance overall performance
  • Understand and accept different leadership styles
  • Develop sound skills development plans

All for the price of $350.00!