Leadership and Management

Do you know when your way is NOT the best way?

We know a good leader when we see one. They take responsibility, make changes as needed, and step up for their team when times are tough. We all want to

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An extra reason to reach out

EXTRA EXTRA! My book club for The Connector’s Advantage is available now! Whether you find connecting easy or hard, or just need some connecting after this long time holed up at

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Which is more important: the journey or the fruit?

Though I am not at all a gardener, this analogy really spoke to me… Gardening takes a lot of work and time, planting, watering, cultivating the land. And you won’t

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My Ah-HA Moment

I love it when someone gets me to say, think, or realize something that is actually an Ah-Ha moment for myself. That happened recently when I was a guest on

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Sharing My Seeds of Knowledge

If you know anything about gardening you know that for many (literal) garden variety plants, NOW is the time to plant them. If you are into that, you’ve probably already gotten your

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keep it simple

Keep it simple…and sticky

A “keep it simple” newsletter I wrote before the sky fell, enjoy… It’s New Years Resolution season! Do you struggle with sticking to your goals? A word from the wise?

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tips for connected leadership

Tips for Connected Leadership and a “Small World” Moment

Leadership comes with a plethora of responsibilities – instigating ideas, putting out fires, delegating, building a team, keeping that team running smoothly. Sometimes, getting caught up in the to-dos of

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THIS made me think… and smile

It has been a tough 2020. I don’t need to list the reasons why – you all are experiencing this challenging time. No matter where you are from, it’s important

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liquid honey

The Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

I was on a podcast last week and one of the speed round questions was what advice would I give my younger self. The thing about a speed round is

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