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keep it simple

Keep it simple…and sticky

A “keep it simple” newsletter I wrote before the sky fell, enjoy… It’s New Years Resolution season! Do you struggle with sticking to your goals? A word from the wise?

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tips for connected leadership

Tips for Connected Leadership and a “Small World” Moment

Leadership comes with a plethora of responsibilities – instigating ideas, putting out fires, delegating, building a team, keeping that team running smoothly. Sometimes, getting caught up in the to-dos of

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THIS made me think… and smile

It has been a tough 2020. I don’t need to list the reasons why – you all are experiencing this challenging time. No matter where you are from, it’s important

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liquid honey

The Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

I was on a podcast last week and one of the speed round questions was what advice would I give my younger self. The thing about a speed round is

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Want to Propel Progress? 3 Things You Can Do Now

Everything feels a little harder these days. Whether it is the job search, networking, shifting minds, or for me – just getting some exercise – everything takes more planning and

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Going LIVE Tonight

I hope you have been enjoying the summer weather lately.  Summer is a time of year that I really enjoy. It’s a chance to get outside more, whether it’s to

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How Will You Respond to the Pandemic?

Years ago I was on my way to deliver a talk for the Columbia Women in Business Conference. It was a brand new talk I created for them. On the

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Why You Need to Ask Yourself These Four Questions

I have been personally reflecting a lot on the conversation about equality and how I can support the current social movement. I have also been taking a hard look at

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hand holding up protest sign

This is What We Need Now

I originally wrote this mid-May in the heat of the Pandemic and before the murder of George Floyd. Though in the past, I have always tried to remain non-political –

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