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Never Eat Alone.

Yes, I am referencing Keith Ferrazi’s book (he is on my mind since we both just spoke at the same conference!). Never Eat Alone is about using the things you

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Peacocking To Make Networking Easier

Wondering what peacocking is? My assistant actually came up with the term when I explained the tip to connecting at a conference. Think about when a peacock spreads its feathers. You notice. You are drawn to

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Success Shortie: What To Do After The Interview

There’s one important thing that nobody tells you about interviewing: The end of the interview is not the end! If you’re already sending a thank-you email after an interview, or a

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need more

Success Shortie: The Trick to Getting More Done

One thing that we feel there is never enough of is time. We always seem to need more. So, as a result, we are constantly stopping and starting and running around trying to

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Success Shortie: How To Get The Information You Need

When you are giving an assignment, you are rarely given all the information you need. If someone is delegating a task to you, the simple fact is that they are busy. Because of that, a

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Success Shortie: When You Shouldn’t Say “I Agree”

In a past blog post, I shared a Success Shortie on how to disagree diplomatically. I talked about two commonly used and often destructive strategies for disagreeing with someone in a

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Success Shortie: How To Disagree Diplomatically

Opinions are good! So are differences in opinion. Different opinions broaden our perspective and enable us to look at things from a new angle. Reaping the rewards of inclusive problem solving

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Guess Where My Power Comes From, Now!

Hi everyone! Sometimes, a powerful insight can come from a casual conversation. This week’s Success Shortie came from just that. When discussing a little about my personal background with a colleague, I realized

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My First Big Think Video Is Live!

Sometimes results can come in surprising ways. Though I venture to guess, if you think about the good things that just seem to happen, you can likely trace it back

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