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Overcome The 3 Most Common Excuses For Being Out Of Touch

In my keynote, Relationship Networking, I always ask, “What’s your excuse?” We all have the reasons in our head for why we don’t follow up, why we don’t connect, why we

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Convention Connection: What Happens When Connectors Connect?

Last week I sent out my final Convention Connection video, but I have one more convention-related story to tell… When I was writing my book, (now called The Connector’s Advantage – will explain

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Why You Should Care About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is all over the place; we hear about it over and over again. Why do you need to care about Emotional Intelligence? Because the biggest difference between an

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Convention Connection: The Coolest Contact I Made At NSA

At the end of August I sent you the first Convention Connection video titled Never Eat Alone. I told you how to easily fill up your table so you have a lunch full of

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Convention Connection: Have A Buddy

My kids started school a few weeks ago – two middle schoolers! It was my youngest’ s first year. It is hard to walk into a new place with so many new

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Never Eat Alone.

Yes, I am referencing Keith Ferrazi’s book (he is on my mind since we both just spoke at the same conference!). Never Eat Alone is about using the things you

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Peacocking To Make Networking Easier

Wondering what peacocking is? My assistant actually came up with the term when I explained the tip to connecting at a conference. Think about when a peacock spreads its feathers. You notice. You are drawn to

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Success Shortie: What To Do After The Interview

There’s one important thing that nobody tells you about interviewing: The end of the interview is not the end! If you’re already sending a thank-you email after an interview, or a

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need more

Success Shortie: The Trick to Getting More Done

One thing that we feel there is never enough of is time. We always seem to need more. So, as a result, we are constantly stopping and starting and running around trying to

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