I had an Epiphany…

I have been having all these epiphanies when taking my morning walks and listening to audio books. When listening to Tribes by Seth Godin, I had an epiphany about setting boundaries. I’m

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Are you talking about it?

People at times have described me as a “motivational speaker” and for some reason that always made me uncomfortable. The truth is, I don’t believe you can motivate anyone since

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Vulnerability makes me want to puke but….

I have rallied my tribe to help me with my weight loss goal. But my tribe can’t always walk with me. Instead of being demotivated I bring a virtual friend,

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personal and professional relationships

Do people need be solely personal or professional connections?

Years ago I was connected with Jordan Harbinger, host of the The Jordan Harbinger Show, which led to me being a guest on his podcast. During the interview, I remember

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The best idea

The best idea I had – you’ll want to do this too

Thank you to all those who reached out with condolences to my family, regarding the passing of my mom. I am fulfilling one of my mother’s last wishes and am

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got a goal

Got a goal, then you need THIS

Tell me if this sounds familiar…I gained over ten pounds during Covid. I know, you may be thinking, “only 10!” But remember, I am only 4’10” and 10 pounds is

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diversify your network

Why you want to diversify your network

During the pandemic, I have been more connected to my college friends than I have been in years. It occurred to me that my best friends from undergrad represent many

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The one thing you should NEVER do when speaking

Giving a good speech is a conflicting endeavor. You certainly know when you hear a good one. The speaker typically speaks to the audience like they’re old friends. They aren’t

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Do You Have These Connector Qualities?

I actually had to ask someone what year it was yesterday. I can’t keep track of the day, month or year since this all started. But I can keep track

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