How to spell “yes” with N-O

I was recently a guest on the Sales for Nerds podcast with Reuben Swartz. We were discussing how to form more genuine connections. “No” and “yes” should never be one word

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An extra reason to reach out

EXTRA EXTRA! My book club for The Connector’s Advantage is available now! Whether you find connecting easy or hard, or just need some connecting after this long time holed up at

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Which is more important: the journey or the fruit?

Though I am not at all a gardener, this analogy really spoke to me… Gardening takes a lot of work and time, planting, watering, cultivating the land. And you won’t

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Sharing My Seeds of Knowledge

If you know anything about gardening you know that for many (literal) garden variety plants, NOW is the time to plant them. If you are into that, you’ve probably already gotten your

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How to ask for a raise

I will never forget how I felt when I found out I was making significantly less than my male counterpart. I had been in the role longer and my performance

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Networking

2020 is over! Whoop, whoop! Although we are not yet out of the uncertain impact of the past challenging year, I enter 2021 with hope. I have hope of making

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The Season to Connect - Notepad

‘Tis the season to connect!

With the holiday season comes the holiday parties – but probably not this year. It is still a time of joy, celebration, reflection and gratitude. So how can you keep

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every day

What you should ask yourself every day

Ask yourself every day what you’re grateful for. What better time than Thanksgiving to reflect? This tradition of giving thanks is one that I believe should be a part of

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THIS made me think… and smile

It has been a tough 2020. I don’t need to list the reasons why – you all are experiencing this challenging time. No matter where you are from, it’s important

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