I created the club I wanted to join

IT’S ALIVE! (Read with the Frankenstein movie intonation.) Well, at least it is live. The Connected Leader Club is official.   I was excitedly telling a friend about this new endeavor and

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How can we disagree and still get along?

In May, I had a great time working with New York City public schools. We did a Connected Leadership Program, which incorporated a lot of the concepts from my Collaborative Communications Program. This

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Relationship with work

What’s your relationship with work?

People inspire me. They talk. I listen. Then something I hear just sparks me thinking. I jot down that phrase or concept in my newsletter ideas list. I did that

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What's Your One Word

What’s Your One Word?

At the MG100 gathering this past summer, one of the presenters did an exercise similar to something that I do in my talks, You the Brand and Claim Your Power.   These programs are

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Being Introverted in an Extroverted World

I am raising an introvert. I’m also married to one.   My husband attended business school early on in our marriage. Every Thursday night they hosted a happy hour, and

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Think positive

Are you nice to yourself?

I believe in continuous learning. That is the best way for me to continue to grow and to serve my clients. So, it should be no surprise that I jumped at

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Business Woman

What to do when you are called out publicly

Last week I told you about the amazing time I had with the women’s network at Procter and Gamble. It was a long-awaited event since I started talking with them

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Do you know what Relational Equity is?

Probably not because I think I made up the term when I was delivering my talk, Intentional Connection in a Hybrid World, to the women of Proctor and Gamble earlier this

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ChatGPT knows who I am and I am not sure how I feel about it!

When did you first hear the words, “ChatGPT”? I actually looked it up since I remembered who told me and sent me instructions on how to craft a good prompt.

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