public speaking

Public speaking

How I overcame my greatest fear… public speaking

Last week, I channeled my late mother and bragged about my kids and their participation in the TAP challenge (Technology Awareness Program). I beamed about how my younger son overcame

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The one biggest influence on your future

May is a hard month for me. Last week was my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day is this weekend. I miss her so much. I found myself bawling in the

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The Elevator Pitch

I hate when people ask me for an elevator pitch. I know as a communications expert I should be ready with a polished elevator pitch and be able to deliver it with perfection. But I hate

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10 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking

There’s a lot of information out there on just how much people fear public speaking. But what are we so afraid of, anyway? It’s not as if our very survival is

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Top 11 Tips for Polished Presentations

I took my first public speaking course during my junior year of high school. According to my teacher (and my grade), I couldn’t be heard passed the third row, my

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Recovering from an Embarrassing Moment

It was the first class of the semester teaching the part-time MBA Business Communications class.  I had a room full of business professionals and I decided to climb up on

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