13 Tips for Embracing Authenticity

tips for embracing authenticity

We are all pulled in so many directions and time is a scarce resource. It is a constant struggle for me to remind myself that I can’t say yes to everything. I actually took most of last year off from doing podcasts and just started saying yes again.

That said, when something is put in front of you that is core to your values, heart, mission, or purpose – that is when you can allow your attention to be diverted. That’s how I felt when Newsweek asked me to give some tips for maintaining authenticity and creating a workplace that makes space for vulnerability and humanity. I love that question, and that one, I had to answer.

When everything is virtual, we have an opportunity to hide. We can turn off our cameras, or keep them pointed toward our cleanest wall, while everything out of frame seems to be in disarray.

Clearly, I take a different angle, so I am thrilled that this Newsweek Article highlighted the importance of being authentic, even when we could easily hide it. We know that authenticity doesn’t work like that. Our connection requires us to bring down walls and show us who we truly are. Authenticity increases acceptance of ourselves and others.

That was the main point of my contribution to the article – that maintaining your authenticity is respecting your journey. Being able to turn on your webcam and (virtually) welcoming your team or client into your home confidently, regardless of its condition, says a lot about you as a leader – that authenticity and integrity are values you hold for yourself and will always share with those you lead or interact with. Authenticity and vulnerability are two of the foundational pillars of trust, and a team that trusts in their leader always has higher engagement, retention, productivity, and even happiness on the job.

And that’s my two cents, but don’t stop there. Make sure you check out the rest of the Newsweek Article 13 Expert Tips for Maintaining Authenticity for even more expert authenticity advice.

50 for 50

Week 6: Charity Water 

This week’s charity is one I have been a supporter of for many years. It is amazing the difference clean water can make in a community, in a day, in the potential for a future. There are almost 8 million people who don’t have access to clean water, and Charity Water is working toward getting clean water access to places in need. Since it was founded in 2006, they have funded almost 80,000 projects to bring clean drinking water to communities in 29 countries. I’m grateful they are doing this critical work and hope you join us in giving!

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