A Peek Into Becoming A Relationship Driven Leader

Hi Everyone!

I am still on a high from my Mega Session at #SHRM! Such a fun and empowering experience. Sadly, I learned a few minutes before I went on that they would not be filming my talk as I had expected.

Choice: Let it throw me or take it in stride? I could have gotten angry at the perceived
misinterpretation, but what would that do? It was a misunderstanding — it happens. So, instead of throwing a little tantrum, I put it out of my mind.

It is not easy in those moments to think beyond the welling emotions. What works for me is to ask myself, “How will I feel about my actions tomorrow?” Then act in a way that I won’t cringe over the next day.

While the SHRM talk didn’t get recorded, The Relationship Driven Leader talk in Hong Kong was. Enjoy a three minute excerpt – it will give you a glimpse of how to become a relationship driven leader.

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