Are you a true fan?

Last year I read the book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin, and it has stuck with me.

Actually, the viewpoint he writes about of being a true fan is what has been my brain worm.

A true fan is described in the book as a member of the tribe who cares deeply about you and your work. What’s the difference between a fan and a true fan you ask? While a fan is someone that supports the ideas, a true fan integrates the work into their life.

So much of what we consume makes us who we are. With this knowledge in mind, what are you a fan or a true fan of? How do those ideas shape your life?

Are you a fan of some of these ideas that I put in this newsletter? What concepts resonate with you most and how are you showing your commitment to those philosophies?

Don’t worry if you are not, yet. I get it, we are all busy and have a lot on our plates. So pick one thing, one idea you want to get behind, one notion that you are a true fan of, and take it to the next step.

If you are a true fan of creating connections, whether on your team, in your company, or even more broadly in your community, let’s talk about how not just to be a fan but a true fan. Help me spread the message. I want your ideas, your passion, your drive.

Want to get started? You can start small:

  • Share this newsletter with someone you think would appreciate the content I share
  • Give the gift of connection – share it with just one other person and connect with them
  • Give the gift to your whole team! Make it part of your conversation. Infuse the mindsets into your culture.
  • Start a book club. Whether my book or someone else’s, the book club format is a great way to connect.

Have other thoughts? Hit reply and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

There’s a difference between a fan and a true fan of the tribe. A fan thinks it, a true fan acts on it.

Which are you going to be? Someone that supports the idea or someone that initiates positive change from it?

50 for 50 Charity of the Week

Week 4: World Wild Life Organization

This week’s organization is special to me. My son Noah has always, like me, LOVED animals. Every year, he chooses an animal to adopt that is highly endangered. That is the mission of The World Wildlife Organization. It is dedicated to conserving natural habitats for diverse animals all across the world. Currently working in nearly 100 countries and supported by more than 5 million members globally, I proudly join the cause by donating this week to protect diverse animals and the habitats they need to survive. Click here if you’d like to join me.

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